Game of Thrones Legacy Collection Series 2

Written by Allison Nehls - September 23 2014


December 17 2014

I chose legacy over dark horse, figures move, more figures a series, brienne and the hound!
But 6 release dates for wave 2 and theyre still not in my forbidden planet store (which is the only store selling these where I live) so just 2 days ago, I gave up and went to ebay and got them from canada, if I just did that in the 1st place, I would have had them before christmas. Dark Horse have wave 2 alright in my town and have now announced wave 3! please tell me I did not make a mistake by choosing legacy over dark horse! Is there a site I can follow legacy information, see whats next? whats the plan? I can think of 80 more got figures I’d like to see from legacy so I hope the uk elusive wave 2 set is not the last set! please reassure me!!!

September 25 2014


September 23 2014

I love these! But why so long to release? I’ve had these on preorder since June because you were supposed to ship on sep. 10th Why is it taking so long to announce wave 3? Why is it taking so long to give us news on Firefly? Seriously. I need ze browncoats!

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