Marvel Classic X-Men and X-Men Deadpool Pop Coming Soon!

Written by Allison Nehls - October 02 2014


January 08 2015

I need a Nightcrawler pop! I love these X-Men ones.

November 01 2014

Rogue and Gambit hehehe

October 24 2014

How long must I wait for Nightcrawler?

October 06 2014

I have over 200 Pop! Vinyls in my collection, but I’m DYING for Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat sets. PLEASE bring them out soon!! :)

kyle dolan
October 06 2014

All the pops are great!! The new ones look fantastic! Any chance funko is looking at some of the non – mainstream superheros? Also, a legion of doom(gorilla grodd, toyman, black manta etc.. ) would be incredible.

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