Firefly Pop! and Supernatural Crowley Pop! Coming Soon

Written by Allison Nehls - October 28 2014


November 20 2014

I have been waiting for Crowley! I can’t wait to see who else you might come out with!!!

November 15 2014

When does Crowley come out in stores like hot topic?

October 31 2014

THANK YOU! I have been waiting on a Crowley! It would be awesome if you guys could also make a Bobby…and a Meg, and a Jo and Ellen and Ruby (both) and..oh hey, just make all of the characters :)

October 30 2014

I appreciate the Crowley figure but where’s Bobby? I’d think you’d do him first over the King of Hell (awesome as he is). Also, where’s John Winchester? Sam and Dean need a father figure!

October 28 2014

My guess is that the second series of Firefly figures will include Simon, River, Inara, Shepherd Book, and a tiny adorable Reaver.

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