Game of Thrones Pop! Series 4 coming soon!

Written by Allison Nehls - November 06 2014


November 20 2014

Varys ? We get Littlefinger, but no Spider !?! Please make a Varys figure.

November 15 2014

I like the Alayne Stone Sansa, but guessing they will do a special edition Sansa that is close to the original design they released a year ago.

November 12 2014

Where is Oberyn!!!!!!!!!!!

November 07 2014

Not crazy about the Sansa. The transformation is pretty cheesy though she does look more Stark-esque, I love Sam and Littlefinger. Will be picking those up for sure.

November 06 2014

Sansa’s box should say “Alayne Stone” instead

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