Star Trek: The Next Generation Pop! coming soon

Written by Allison Nehls - November 25 2014


January 09 2015

I’d also like to know why there isn’t a figure of Lt. Uhura. Omitting her without explanation is unacceptable.

December 27 2014

Okay, what. Dr. Beverly Crusher is a main member of the crew through most of the series, yet she’s been replaced by a generic Klingon? What. I can understand no Q or Wesley or whatever, but Beverly? I am super disappointed. I would have pre-ordered her in an instant.

December 25 2014

yeah but this set really needs beverly? and not with the weird body you’ve given troi.

December 14 2014

Awesome! Would love to see Wesley and Beverly Crusher too. Guinan would be nice to have too.

December 12 2014

More Klingons, please.

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