Coming Soon: The Walking Dead Series 3 Mystery Minis

Written by Allison Nehls - December 16 2014


January 06 2015

Want Carol so badly!!!

January 04 2015

Question: Why are there only a few characters in The Walking Dead “Pop Funko” figurine collection? I wanna see people like Shane and Dale and Laurie and all the other important characters man! I just started collecting them (I have 3 so far Prison Glenn, Hershel and Tyreese.) I feel like there should be so many more… but hey thats just my opinion… :P

January 04 2015

I love these. I am going to Collect Them all

Brian Beene
January 03 2015

Can’t wait to add more to the collection! Super excited about Carol and Hershel!

Kenneth Ornelaz
December 16 2014

I really love these. Would like to know how much they are.

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