It’s poetry day, 

So pick up that pen and get carried away! 

There’s so much fun we have in store,

The haikus below are ones we adore.

(Check them out below!)

Freddy Funko's Haikus

A Pop! is Born

Paint brushes swish swish

A memory comes to life

Pages unfold—Pop!

Comic-Con Time

Sun shines on tickets

Crowds gather for exclusives

Stars come out to play

Treasure Hunt

Open a SODA

Follow it with another

Find the glitter chase

Funko Fans

Waves of welcome flow

All along the red carpet

Reaching far and wide

Need Some Inspiration?

Check out our Funko mugs! Fill them with your favorite beverage and let the inspiration begin!

Funko Heat-Changing Mug
Funko Logo Blue Mug

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How will you celebrate National Poetry Day? To which Funko collectibles would you write a poem? Try your hand at writing a poem for your favorite fandom. Share your photos and favorite ways to celebrate National Poetry Day with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and be sure to tag @OriginalFunko. 

Come one, come all to share your view. We love to see the creative things you do.