Rob Graham

Pensacola, FL

What Funko lines do you collect? How many pieces are in your collection?

My wife and I have been collecting Funko bobbleheads and collectibles for over four years. Currently we have over 65 total Pop!s and Pop! Rides in our collection, from such lines as Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics, just to name a few. We also have numerous other Funko offerings, such as ReAction, My Little Pony Vinyl Figures, Fabrikations and more.

How long have you been a collector?

Five POPtastic years!

What are your favorite fandoms?

Doctor Who, Firefly and Star Wars

What was your first Funko item?

Pop! Heroes #9, Green Lantern, purchased in 2011.

What is your favorite Funko piece in your collection?

My absolute favorite would be Pinhead from the Hellraiser movie franchise.

Tell us your favorite Funko story!

My wife Liz and I both have a habit of trying to out-geek each other every Christmas, which is when we purchase the vast majority of our Pop!s each year. Being huge fans of the ABC show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I was ecstatic to find Agent Coulson with Lola on ThinkGeek, and purchased it for Liz. On Christmas Eve, we decided to open one gift each, and grabbed our respective offerings to each other. I could hardly contain my excitement as she opened hers to find Coulson and Lola, only to hear " may want to open yours..." She had bought me Coulson and Lola as well, and we hugged and had a good laugh over it. Great minds Funko alike!

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