We're proud to announce our exclusives for Emerald City Comicon 2016!

As you can see, we've placed a major emphasis
on Pop!s, Dorbz, Hikari, and, above all, the color GREEN!

Check out the full list and pricing below!

Dorbz: Emerald City Comicon Freddy Funko (250pcs)
Dorbz: DC - Batman Bullseye Suit (300pcs)
Dorbz: ECCC Crusader & Crusaderette 2-pack (250pcs)

Dorbz Ridez: 1966 Batmobile - Chrome-Plated (500pcs)
Pop! Freddy Funko - 12th Man Freddy Funko (250pcs)
Pop! TV: Peanuts - Snoopy & Woodstock (Flocked)
Pop! Marvel: Green Goblin (Glows In The Dark) (300pcs)
Pop! Games: World of Warcraft - Murloc (Glows In The Dark) (300pcs)
Pop! TV: Adventure Time - Green B-MO (Glows In The Dark) (250pcs)
Pop! TV: Adventure Time - The Lich (Green) (250pcs)
Pop! Literature: HP Lovecraft - Nerd Cthulhu (300pcs)
Pop! Minis: Mint Snoopy Flocked 4-pk (500pcs)
Fallout: Vault Boy Vinyl Figure (Green) (250pcs)
Hikari: Star Wars - Green Stormtrooper (100pcs)
Hikari: Marvel - Mean Green Hulk (100pcs)
Hikari: Universal Monsters - Toxic Green Metaluna Mutant (100pcs)
Hikari: Guardians of the Galaxy - Green Grunge Groot (100pcs)
Hikari: Godzilla - Deep Sea Godzilla (100pcs)


How is the booth going to run this year?

We understand it is frustrating to wait in a long line! In an effort to streamline the process and keep the line moving quickly, we are utilizing an order sheet system. Everyone in line will receive an order sheet. You will mark each item you want on this sheet. When you reach check-out, a Funko booth worker will take your order sheet and retrieve all the items you have marked.

Is there a limit?

There will be a strict limit of one of each item per customer.

Will there be enough figures to last the whole weekend?

Yes! We allocate our exclusives so that we're able to restock every morning.

What if I have other people in my group (children, friends, etc.)?

Each member of your group must have their own order form completed and be present at check-out. One person may pay for all the orders, but everyone must be present.

If I fill out an order sheet, am I guaranteed to get everything I want?

Filling out an order sheet does not guarantee your order. Items may sell out before you reach the front of the line. Your order will be fulfilled based on availability at the time you reach check out.

How much are the exclusives?

Pop!s: $15 (mini 4-pack $25)

Dorbz: $10 (2-pack $20, Dorbz Ridez $25)

Vinyl Figure: $15

Hikari: $80