We are so excited to reveal our 2016 SDCC exclusives!

Between exciting new licenses and completely unique molds, we have a lot of fun surprises in store for all of you!

Information regarding our booth procedures and more will be shared upon completion of our reveals in early July.

Here's our sixth round of reveals!!

Pop! Marvel: Deadpool - Cowboy Deadpool

Pop! Games: Five Nights at Freddy's - Golden Freddy

Dorbz Ridez: Banana Splits - Bingo (300pc LE)

´╗┐Dorbz Ridez: Banana Splits - Snorky (300pc LE)

Rock Candy: Catwoman (Purple Suit)

Pop! TV: The Flash - 6" Gorilla Grodd

Dorbz: Game of Thrones 3-pack - White Walker, Hound & Joffrey

Just revealed by Toy Tokyo:

Pop! Rides: '66 Chrome Batmobile (Toy Tokyo LE)

Be sure to check back on MONDAY for Wave 7!

In case you missed it: here are Wave 1, Wave 2, Wave 3, Wave 4, and Wave 5!