What would New York Comic Con be without
DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains?
Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Superman are here
to save the day as Pop! collectibles, the latter two as a Pop! two-pack.
A 5 Star gold Batman complete with the iconic Bat-Signal
and pink Harley Quinn armed with her mallet and a
Joker card round out the DC exclusives.

Pop! Heroes: Aquaman – Arthur Curry (Hot Topic)

Pop! Heroes: DC - 1st appearance Wonder Woman (Hot Topic)

Pop! Heroes: DC - The Flash & Superman (Racing) (GameStop/EB Games)

Pop! Movies: DC - Superman (Chrome 3-pack) (FYE)

5 Star: DC - Batman (Golden Midas) (GameStop/EB Games)

5 Star: DC - Harley Quinn (Pink) (Hot Topic)

Please note that if you want to access the Funko booth
at NYCC, you must enter this online lottery by 9/24!