Horror fans will scream for this New York Comic Con
exclusive - Rock Candy Grady twins from classic film The Shining.

Rock Candy: The Shining - The Grady Twins (Target)

The secretive Margot Tenebaum of The Royal Tenebaums makes a stylish, if melancholy, Rock Candy figure for New York Comic Con!

Rock Candy: The Royal Tenenbaums - Margot (Funko Shop)

Frenemies Max Fischer and Herman Blume from Wes Anderson's Rushmore make a compelling Vynl. duo for New York Comic Con!

Vynl.: Rushmore - Max Fischer and Herman Blume (BoxLunch)

Vynl. Prince Akeem and Randy Watson from Coming to America are expecting a royal welcome.

Vynl.: Coming To America - Akeem & Randy (Target)

Gizmo and Stripe from Gremlins are ready to make
some mischief as a Vynl. pair.

Vynl.: Gremlins - Gremlins in 3D Glasses (GameStop/EB Games)

The Coraline Pop! looks adorable in her pajamas
for New York Comic Con 2018!

Pop! Movies: Coraline - Coraline in PJs (Hot Topic)

The Fugitive Predator Pop! from Predator is appropriately terrifying.

Pop! Movies: The Predator – Fugitive Predator (Books-A-Million)

Please note that if you want to access the Funko booth
at NYCC, you must enter this online lottery by 9/24!