SDCC 2018 Exclusives: Ad Icons
Pop! Ad Icons: Cap'n Crunch® – Crunchberry Beast
Sweet, colorful, and crunchy with a berry flavor you can't resist.
Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries® is an iconic
cereal with an iconic mascot to match it.
The Crunchberry Beast will be available at SDCC 2018!

Dorbz: Ad Icons - Cap'n Crunch and Friends 4-pack (4000pc LE)
The fun-loving sea captain, Cap'n Crunch, and his cereal
friends – JeanLaFoote, Crunchberry Beast and
Seadog – join our SDCC lineup as a Dorbz 4-pack!
Vynl.: Ad Icons – Yummy Mummy & Fruite Brute 2-pack
Yummy Mummy and Fruite Brute are back! These General Mills
cereal monsters are shown as Funko Vynl. for SDCCC 2018!

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