SDCC 2018 Exclusives: Disney
Our Disney lineup for SDCC includes, TV, video games,
and movies past & present!
Fans of Doug will be able to collect his best friend Skeeter (honk honk!),
while Kingdom Hearts enthusiasts get another
version of Organization 13 Mickey!
Hercules collections will be rounded out with Pain & Panic, Moana fans
are sure to treasure this bioluminescent version of Tamatoa, and
fans of Wreck-It Ralph will get a kick out of the
8-bit versions of Ralph and Felix!
Last but certainly not least, all we can say about this new Incredibles 2
Pop! is that we hope you've seen the movie!
Pop! Disney: Doug - Skeeter Valentine

Pop! Disney: Kingdom Hearts – Unhooded Organization 13 Mickey

Pop! Disney: Hercules - Pain and Panic 2-pack

Pop! Disney: Moana – Neon Tamatoa

Pop! 8-Bit: Wreck-It Ralph – Ralph

Pop! 8-Bit: Wreck-It Ralph – Fix-It Felix

Pop! Disney: Incredibles 2 – Edna Jack-Jack

Check back soon for more SDCC reveals!