Pop! Comics: Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Hot Topic)

Go on an adventure with your favorite teenage witch with
San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Pop! Sabrina
with a handy cauldron.

5 Star: Hellboy (GameStop)

The world's favorite half-demon is back, fighting the
forces of evil as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive
5-Star Hellboy and 5-Star Abe Sapien.

Pop! Icons: Rat Fink (Toy Tokyo)

If you love hot rods and counter culture, San Diego Comic-Con
exclusive green chrome Pop! Rat Fink, gray chrome
Pop! Rat Fink and glow in the dark Pop! Rat Fink are
must-have additions to your collection.

Friendly reminder, retailers can start selling their
shared convention exclusives on day 2 of the show.
No sales are permitted prior to that.

Please note quantities are limited and will be sold on
a first come, first serve basis. Attending the convention
does not guarantee availability.

More reveals coming soon!