Pop! Television: H.R. Pufnstuf (Funko Shop)

Bring home your favorite television characters including
San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Pop! H.R.
Pufnstuf from H.R. Pufnstuf, Pop!

Pop! Television: Sigmund and the Sea Monsters - Sigmund (Funko Shop)

Look for San Diego Comic-Con exclusive
Pop! Sigmund from Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.

Pop! Television: Stranger Things - Demogorgon (Gold) (Barnes & Noble)

Bring home this gold metallic version of everyone's
favorite creature: Pop! Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

Pop! Television: Doctor Who - Pting (Barnes & Noble) (BBC AMERICA - Booth #4129)

Celebrate the fandom that has brought you over
50 years of adventures in space and time with this
shared San Diego Comic-Con and
Barnes and Noble exclusive Pop! Pting.

Pop! Television: Ultraman (Toy Tokyo)

Bring home the first tokusatsu hero as a San Diego Comic-Con
exclusive Pop! glow-in-the-dark Ultraman.

Pop! Television: The Dark Crystal

Bring home POP! Mira from the highly
anticipated: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

Please note quantities are limited and will be sold on
a first come, first serve basis. Attending the convention
does not guarantee availability.

More reveals coming soon!