Chad Fulp
Kernersville, NC

What Funko lines do you collect? How many pieces are in your collection?
I collect almost all of the Pop! and Mystery Mini lines. I currently have about 500 Pop! Vinyls and around 300 Mystery Minis in my collection. Needless to say, I'm running quite low on wall space. Haha.

How long have you been a collector?
I've been a Funko collector for about 4 years now.

What are your favorite fandoms?
Horror, Sci-Fi, The Walking Dead, Marvel, several others.

What was your first Funko item?
My first Funko items were a Horror Pop! Vinyl bundle including Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Leatherface.

What is your favorite Funko piece in your collection?
That would have to be tie between my SDCC Exclusive Unmasked Jason Voorhees and my chase Glow in the Dark Jason Voorhees Pop!s.

Tell us your favorite Funko story!
My Funko collecting story is more ironic than anything. A few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the Pop! Vinyl figures. She said they looked like something I would be interested in. I told her they weren't really something I think I would actually COLLECT. As more of them were released, I noticed that they were making Pop! figures of most of my favorite movie characters- so I gave in a little and picked up the Horror Pop!s. They definitely grew on me as more and more kept coming out that I wanted. They are really affordable so my collection gradually started growing. Pretty soon, I was seeing my favorite TV shows and video game characters getting the Funko treatment. Then came the hunting for rare variants and chase figures. It was- and still is- so much fun to search for the hard to find Pop!s and Mystery Minis. I believe that's where the "addiction" set in. It became increasingly exciting and very rewarding... if I was lucky. So now here I am, 4 years and 500 "I told ya so's" later after saying I really didn't think I would want to collect these things. I'm very proud of my collection and there are still lots of characters I'm anxious for Funko to make Pop! versions of. Thank you for keeping the FUN in Funko, Funko!

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