Pack your bags for a wild ride! These beloved Disney Villains are taking things off the rails as they come together for the ultimate scheme. Get a closer look at these exclusive Funko Pop! Train collectibles as they charge full steam ahead into your collection!


Maleficent leads the way as she conducts the train's dragon-shaped locomotive. As a wicked green flame erupts from the engine, Dante the crow perches nearby to help keep things on track. Any ride with this malevolent fairy is sure to be a transformative journey!

Captain Hook has sailed in on the Jolly Roger in search of Peter Pan. Whether by land or by sea, this swashbuckling sea captain is determined to declare victory over his timeless rival. What can we say, we've got to hand it to him for sticking things through!

Cruella de Vil is in a frenzy over her latest fashion craze. Rolling her custom coupe car onto the tracks, this trendy troublemaker searches for spots as the train picks up speed. Who will be the next victim of her design?

Evil Queen is making a royal entrance as she joins the other villains for a spell. Some may say she's rotten to the core as her poison apple train car bobs along the track, but you won't hear that from us! One look in her majesty's mirror will confirm that she is truly the fairest passenger of all.

Ursula is happy to make room for any unfortunate soul in need of a ride. Strike a deal under the waves and your wildest dreams can come true, all for an affordable price! Join the sea witch and her eerie eel companions for a tour of the coast and see where the currents may lead.


Ready to book a trip with the Disney Villains? Catch these mischievous Pop! Train collectibles as they pull into the station, exclusively at Funko. Misadventures are always better together, so be sure to collect each unique train car to connect and complete your set!

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