For those unfamiliar with Funko, here's a chance to venture outside of the Pop! product lines and see the variety of games, collectibles, and more that Funko has to offer.

Paka Paka

Visit new worlds with Paka Paka. Travel to a lush tropical island just south of the equator where a flock of Fruit Bat friends live, each with their very own flavorful personality! Track down the hilarious, and oddly adorable, Toilet Ninjas as they attempt various bathroom escapades. Whether they are fighting with plungers and toilet paper or trying to meditate on their business, these ninjas are sure to make you chuckle. Check out the range of Funko Paka Paka capsule collectibles.


Gather with friends and family with a variety of table top, strategy, and card games. There are even picture pairing children's games like Picture Pairing – The Crocodile Hunter. Everyone will find a game to their liking with favorites such as Godzilla Tokyo Clash, Pop-Tarts Game, and Five Nights at Freddy's – Survive ‘Til 6 AM.

Funko also makes collectible games such as Marvel Battleworld. Battleworld is a cooperative, expandable, collectible adventure game featuring dozens of characters from all over the Marvel Universe. Players build their teams as they battle across Battleworld and break more Marvel Multiverse heroes out of mysterious Thanostones.

Collectible Toys

Snapsies are Funko's new and exciting capsule collectible toys with a whole world of fun inside! Collect animal characters like unicorns, llamas, goats, and dragons — each with their own distinct personalities, looks, and accessories that you can customize for endless combinations! Funko's snap technology lets you play your way! Mix and match, create in a snap!

GOLD Vinyl Figures

Go for GOLD in your music and/or sports collections with Funko GOLD premium vinyl figures. GOLD is the perfect way to commemorate some of your favorite, iconic artists and athletes in your collection, and each figure comes in a sleek, display-ready box that is easy to stack with other GOLD collectibles. Some figures have chase variants featuring alternate uniforms or memorable outfits. GOLD vinyl figures come in 5-inch tall and 12-inch tall varieties.


Surprise a friend or loved one with open arms and a pop up greeting with Popsies, the new collectible greeting by Funko! Press the center of the bow and the special message appears above the figure. You can even write who it's from and for with a permanent marker on the present's label. Share a sentiment and a smile with an awesome Popsies collectible greeting!

Mystery Minis & Mini Vinyl Figures

Expand your collection to your desk with Funko Mystery Minis and Mini Vinyl figures of characters from favorites like Disney, Retro Toys, and more! Enjoy the exciting surprise of opening a Mystery Mini or hunt for the choice character of a Mini Vinyl series.



Mystery Mini Plush


Funko Plush range from miniatures to one and a half feet tall. There are original Funko Wetmore Forest characters, food ad icons, and even classic Disney friends.


Vinyl Soda

Enjoy a refreshing twist on collectibles with Funko SODA vinyl figures. SODA now comes in either Mainline, Specialty, and International variations. Mainline SODA collectibles are not piece count limited, enabling more fans to collect their favorite characters and licensed series. Mainline SODA figures also have chase variants. Each specialty series "flavor" is made in a limited "batch" (complete with a piece count number) and each have a 1 in 6 chance yielding a special chase variant. Some chase figures glow-in-the-dark or are metallic, while others are outfit or color scheme changes. International variants are recognizable due to their alternate packaging color scheme and their "International" sticker. Sold outside of the United States, Specialty series International variants have different piece counts than their counterparts sold within the United States. Occasionally a special 6-pack set comes along that includes a thermal lunchbox case! See the Scooby-Doo! themed 6-pack below as an example.

Rock Candy

5Star Figures

Mini Moments

These collectibles feature a mini figure within a piece of a scene. Some sets come together to make a larger scene, like the Harry Potter set, whereas others just display different versions of the same scene. These collectibles have a chance of finding a chase variant of the featured character, and make cohesive displays.




Collections are no longer restricted to shelf-life! Make a statement with a mug. Or go retro with a collectible metal lunchbox. There's drinkware, tumbler cups, fleece blankets, and a variety of water bottles to choose from. Here is the full Funko housewares selection.


Before Pop! Ornaments came out, Funko branched out to make themed ornaments for Stranger Things which still feature a stylized design.


Explore Wetmore Forest with friends like Chester McFreckle and Tumblebee with the Funko Wetmore Forest children's books.


Funko apparel includes Funko brand letterman jackets, pop culture tees, and hats are all eager to join your wardrobe.


Action Figures

Fans of Five Nights at Freddy's will be thrilled to see the game's animatronic icons as articulating Funko action figures. Each figure comes with at least one accessory.




Cupcake Keepsake

Vinyl Idolz


These limited edition figures come in mini and larger scale sizes but at all extremely limited quantities. Each figure comes with a card that certifies which number the figure is within the set and all feature a semi-transparent vinyl and either glitter, metallic, or glow details.

Screen Sitters

Wacky Wobblers

This list doesn't include all older collectible types. Let us know if you're interested in a post about Funko's older collectibles and form factors, by tagging @OriginalFunko on Instagram and Twitter.