The scenic route is just a step away! Grab your trail mix and lace up your shoes as we celebrate National Take a Hike Day. Get a closer look at some of the Funko and Loungefly items below that might inspire a breath of fresh air. Also, we've listed some of the places where you can take a short walk near our Everett, WA and Hollywood, CA store locations. Let's get moving!

Gather Your Crew!

Hit the trail with inspiration from some of your favorite fandoms. You might even find the perfect spot for a Photo of the Day Challenge. Here are a few Funko collectibles that might take you up on the offer:

Russell from Up is a Wilderness Explorer, ready to assist you on your adventures. And, if you really want to spot squirrels, and need the help of a trained tracker, Dug is never far behind. Find all your favorite characters from Up in our Pop! Pins selection.

Anime heroes train for journeys of all kinds. Team up with fan favorites from My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Black Clover, and more.

The Five Nights at Freddy's gang is often on the move. Catch them all as action figures, SNAPS! Plushies, and Pop! Pez™ Candy Dispensers.

Need a boost of strength and power? Call on Marvel legends like Pop! Black Panther, Pop! Thor, and Pop! Ms. Marvel.

If you need a lift or pick-me-up during the middle of your hike, you might call on the help of Pop! Superman, Pop! Batman, or Pop! Wonder Woman. Plenty of heroes await in our DC set.

Gear Up:

Take the trail by force with Star Wars™ Pop! Tees and Hoodies. Layer your look and stay cozy and comfortable in stellar style.

Leave the accessorizing to Mickey & Minnie Mouse and friends with Loungefly's beautiful fall sequins backpacks and accessories. Pack just what you need for a fun outing.

And don't forget the first-aid kit, especially if you can't bring along Baymax. However, Super Pop! Baymax would certainly make for a friendly companion.

Fuel Up:

Enjoy tasty breakfast cereals in a brand-new way along your hike. Pop! Kaboom Cereal Clown and Pop! Barney Rubble with Cocoa Pebbles are ready to join you. Check out all our deliciously delightful Ad Icons for a healthy variety of snack options.

When your hike is over, warm up with something fun from our Paka Paka Soup Troop line.

Move to the Beat:

Shuffle your music set with a variety of songs and styles. Choose from Pop! Jimi Hendrix in his Napoleonic Hussar Jacket, Pop! Bono, Pop! Bella Poarch with Axe, Pop! Aaliyah, Pop! Biz Markie, and more.

Plan Your Route:

Heading over to our Everett, Washington headquarters to check out the store? Make a day of it and explore the area. The Port of Everett Marina nearby has several small trails ranging from less than a mile to four miles. You might also enjoy a walk along the Lowell Riverfront Trail (1.6 miles on a paved path). Keep your eyes open for birds, mountain views, sea lions, and otters. Or, take a ferry ride to Jetty Island during the summer months to enjoy a walk along sandy beaches.

If you're heading to our Hollywood, California store, there's plenty to see and do right within a few blocks. For other walks and places to explore, you might try Griffith Park, which has over 4,000 acres and includes all kinds of trails and picnic areas. Right at the edge is the Griffith Observatory, and, if you travel a bit further, you can explore the Los Angeles County Zoo for more opportunities to stroll about and enjoy the scenery.

Wherever you go, be sure to plan your route, tell others where you're going and how long you plan on staying, bring plenty of water, dress for the terrain and weather conditions you'll encounter, bring a first-aid kit, and keep track of landmarks in case you get lost. (Some places may also charge a parking fee or admissions price.)

Next Steps:

Kick off your shoes and relax! Then, show us which Funko and Loungefly items you took along on your hike. Share your view by tagging @OriginalFunko on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter along with #NationalTakeAHikeDay.