Marvel Collector Corps and DC Legion of Collectors are moving! Starting March 16th MCC & DCLOC will be part of @OriginalFunko on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! We decided to make this move to make it easier for you to get information about all our subscription services in one convenient place!

What does that mean for you? @OriginalFunko will become the destination for ALL things Funko! All subscription box news, contests, announcements and events will be announced through @OriginalFunko. You can also provide feedback, share unboxings, and interact with the Funko team on future themes and hints at @OriginalFunko!

Need help with your subscription? The @PoweredbyFunko account on Twitter will remain our hub for all subscription support questions including help with billing, delivery issues, damaged products and more.

Thank you for being part of the MCC & DCLOC communities, and we look forward to interacting with you at @OriginalFunko!

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