Marvel: Captain Marvel

Go on an epic adventure with Carol Danvers—better known as
Captain Marvel—a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot with the
power to change the world. Bring the Starforce to your favorite
pen with Captain Marvel and Goose the Cat Pop! Pen Toppers.

Give your keys a marvelous touch with Captain Marvel
and Goose the Cat Pop! keychains. Captain Marvel and
Goose the Cat are the perfect way to show off your superpowers.

Vers Pop! Keychain is available exclusively at BoxLunch and Hot Topic.

Hop a ride with Carol Danvers on an adventure
to save the world with this Pop! Rides.

If you're looking for Captain Marvel characters with an adorable edge,
Captain Marvel, her beloved pet Goose the Cat, and Vers are available as
adorable Dorbz figures available as Funko Shop exclusives.

Captain Marvel is amazing, but she's accompanied by an incredible
cast of allies and villains including Pop! Vers, Nick Fury with both eyes fully
functional, Kree military officer Star Commander, Talos, Goose the Cat
and Maria Rambeau. Collect them all to stage reenactments
of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's twenty-first film.

Pop! Captain Marvel flying is available as a Target exclusive.

Another Pop! Captain Marvel glowing is available as a Walmart exclusive.

Vers is available as a GameStop exclusive.

Pop! Goose the Cat Flocked is available as a BoxLunch exclusive.

Pop! Carol Danvers is available as an FYE exclusive.

Captain Marvel with her jacket Pop! is available as a Hot Topic exclusive.