Fortnite 5 Star, Pint Size Heroes, Vynl., Pocket Pop! and Pop!

Do you prefer to throw yourself into the battle
with guns blazing or camp out in the bushes and wait
for your enemies to eliminate each other?
Are you the first or last player off the Battle Bus?
Is solo, duos or squads more your style? Whatever your
battle strategy, there's one thing players
around the world can agree on: Fortnite is awesome.

Sink your teeth into victory with 5 Star Omega in
full battle armor, Zoey with bandages,
Moonwalker with Slurp Juice, Love Ranger armed
with an Impulse Grenade,
and Tomato Head with a Chug Jug.

If your squad is looking for Pint Size Heroes to have
your back, these two-packs make excellent teams on
and off the battlefield: Pathfinder/Highrise Assault Trooper,
Ranger/Zoey, Funk Ops/ Tomato Head, Omega/Valor,
Raptor/Elite Agent, Black Knight/Red Knight,
Rex/Tricera Ops, Cuddle Team Leader/Ghoul Trooper,
and Moonwalker/Burnout.

Cuddle Team Leader and Love Ranger are a Vynl. duo
like no other, fooling enemies with their cuddly personas
while helping your team to victory. Rex and Tricera Ops have
evolved to handle anything the battle can throw at them.

If you consider subtlety and cuteness important qualities in a warrior,
Pocket Pop! Dark Voyager, Moonwalker, Highrise Assault Trooper,
Tower Recon Specialist, Skull Trooper, Black Knight, Omega in full armor,
Raptor, Brite Bomber, and Rex are ready to squad up.

Increase your squad with Pop!s celebrating some of Fortnite's
most epic skins. Rex and Dark Voyager are ready for action,
and no enemy combatant will remain unscathed.