FunkO's Cereal Box: DC – Batman and Batgirl
The Dark Knight might have his hands full rescuing Gotham City from his numerous and colorful Rogue's Gallery of Super-Villains, but he's never too busy to start his morning with a good breakfast. Batman FunkO's are dark blue and each box includes an exclusive Batman Pop! – ready to defend your breakfast table!
Gotham City's favorite Super Heroine Batgirl is pulling double duty to protect this cereal box of royal purple FunkO's. Her dynamic style is a perfect match for any breakfast, and because each box comes with an exclusive Batgirl Pop!, you'll have plenty of opportunity to reenact your favorite Batgirl adventures at the table.
Both cereals are available exclusively at Entertainment Earth.
Coming in August!

FunkO's Cereal Box: Beetlejuice – Beetlejuice – Beetlejuice

Say his name three times and you'll summon from beyond FunkO's newest cereal creature, a mischievous ghost who will feed you green cereal and likely haunt your house. Bring a quirky, gothic aesthetic to every morning meal. Each box comes with an exclusive Beetlejuice Pop!

Available exclusively at Box Lunch!

Coming in August!

FunkO's Cereal Box: Hanna Barbera– Huckleberry Hound

Sure, there are some interesting cereal mascots out there, but are any of them an anthropomorphic blue dog with a Southern drawl and friendly disposition? Huckleberry Hound finally has his own cereal—appropriately colored Huckleberry blue—and it comes with an exclusive FunkO's Huckleberry Hound Pop!
Available through the Funko Shop!

Available through the Funko Shop!

Coming in August!

FunkO's Cereal Box: IT – Pennywise

Fans of horror, breakfast and clowns rejoice! If you thought cereal mascots were all friendly and cute, you're in for a surprise. Pennywise the dancing clown has his very own FunkO's cereal red enough to turn your milk the color of his…balloon. Each box includes a FunkO's exclusive Pennywise Pop!

Available exclusively at Hot Topic!

Coming in August!

FunkO's Cereal Box: Cuphead – The Devil

You shouldn't make deals with the devil, but there's no reason you can't enjoy his cereal! Cuphead's delightfully devious antagonist and final boss is leaping off his throne and into the spotlight for his very own line of FunkO's. With the sinister black hue they give your milk, these breakfast bites are a spooky bunch – especially with a Devil Pop! in every box!

Available exclusively at GameStop.

Coming in August!

FunkO's Cereal Box: HP Lovecraft – Cthulhu

All hail Cthulhu, who can now be worshiped at the breakfast table as part of your balanced breakfast. The creature of indeterminate species is now a FunkO's cereal mascot. His FunkO's are green, of course, and each box includes an exclusive Cthulhu Pop!

Available exclusively at Books-A-Million!

Coming in August!

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