Pop! Games: League of Legends

Funko and Riot Games are proud to announce a
new line of League of Legends Pop! vinyl figures!

Will you choose Vi the Piltover Enforcer, Braum the Heart of the Freljord,
Jinx the Loose Cannon, Lee Sin the Blind Monk, Ashe the
Frost Archer, or Thresh the Chain Warden? Collect all six!

Complete your Pop! League of Legends collection by pre-ordering
the exclusive League of Legends Collector's Box, featuring the limited
edition Amumu Pop! A Mystery Mini Lucian figure, a Thresh Pocket Pop!
Keychain and a mystery three pack of mini Poros (Poro, Gentleman Poro, Draven Poro,
PROJECT Poro, Shadow Isles Poro, King Poro) -- which three will you get?