The newest selection of Funko SODA figures has arrived! Read on for a taste of the most recent wave of refreshing collectibles. Which of these characters will chill out in your collection?

This line of Funko SODA figures includes Mr. Jelly Belly, Vanellope, Vision, Hawkman, Flash Gordon, HIM, a NASA astronaut, and Ochaco – all with international variant cans! Read all about the new versions of the Funko SODA collectible packaging and limited piece counts on the Funko Blog.

New Funko Soda Figures:

Funko SODA Mr. Jelly Belly has a blue chase.

Funko SODA Vanellope has a scented heart cookie chase.

Funko SODA Vision comes with a White Vision chase.

Funko SODA Hawkman comes with a flocked winged and weapon chase.

Funko SODA Flash Gordon comes with a red shirt and sword chase.

Funko SODA HIM comes with an alternate body chase.

Funko SODA NASA Astronaut comes with an alternate suit chase.

Funko SODA Ochaco Uraraka comes with a masked chase.

Ready to Refill Your Collection?

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