Hawkins, Indiana is harboring dangerous and supernatural secrets. Bring home the happenings, characters, and breakthrough moments of Stranger Things Season 4 with these extraordinary Pop! vinyls, Pop! Keychains, and Pop! Ride collectibles.

Check out the mainline Pops! including Pop! Eleven, Pop! Mike, Pop! Steve, Pop! Robin, Pop! Lucas, Pop! Will, Pop! Dustin, and Pop! Max.

Pop! Keychains

Eleven, Steve, Robin, and Dustin are available as Pop! Keychains to protect your keys.

Mystery Minis

This small town is full of big secrets. Reveal your favorite Stranger Things characters with Mystery Minis! There's Eleven, Max, Mike, Erica, Joyce, Steve, Argyle, Will, Lucas, Eddie, Demogorgon, Dustin, Hopper, and Robin.


Curious about these retailer exclusives? Pop! Lucas is ready for a slam-dunk as this Walmart exclusive figure. Pop! Dustin wears a dragon shirt for the Hot Topic exclusive. Pop! Deluxe Eleven in the Rainbow Room can be found exclusively at Target, along with Pop! Eddy who holds a guitar. Pop! Eleven wears her tank suit as an Amazon exclusive figure. Pop! Dustin holds a die in one hand while wearing a shirt that says “Byte Off” for the Game Stop exclusive.

The Target exclusive 4-pack of 8-Bit Pops! includes Pop! Mike, Pop! Eleven with Eggos, Pop! Dustin, and Pop! Lucas.

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