Start your DC collection of The Suicide Squad and keep close tabs on your favorite villains with Pop! Bloodsport, Pop! Harley Quinn, Pop! Harley Quinn (Damaged Dress), Pop! Polka-Dot Man, Pop! Ratcatcher II with Sebastian, Pop! King Shark, Pop! Rick Flag, and Pop! Peacemaker.

Pop! Bloodsport without his mask is a Funko exclusive.

Pop! Harley Quinn in her ruffled red dress is an Amazon exclusive.

Diamond Collection Pop! Harley Quinn and Tee combo is a Target exclusive.

You can also keep them close while on the go with these Pop! Keychains of Bloodsport, Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn (Damaged Dress), and King Shark.

There's also Mystery Minis of The Suicide Squad with Bloodsport, Harley Quinn (in her suit and in her red dress), Peacemaker, Ratcatcher II with rats, King Shark, Weasel, Javelin, Blackguard, Polka-Dot Man, Mongal, and The Thinker.

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