Hang on for a wild ride through the cosmos with Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder! You'll be able to supercharge your Marvel collection with these electrifying Pop! vinyls, Pop! Keychains, and Pop! Ride collectibles.

Check out the mainline Pops! such as Pop! Thor, Pop! Mighty Thor, Pop! Valkyrie, Pop! Gorr, Pop! Korg, and Pop! Miek. There's also the Pop! Ride of Thor aboard The Goat Boat pulled by Pop! Toothgnasher and Pop! Toothgrinder.

Pop! Keychains

Thor, Mighty Thor, Valkyrie, and Gorr are all available as Pop! Keychains to guard your keys.


The metallic Pop! Mighty Thor is unmasked for the BAM! exclusive figure. The action pose, glow-in-the-dark Pop! Mighty Thor is a Pop In A Box exclusive. The Pop! Thor and Pop! Mighty Thor 2-Pack is a Target exclusive. The 4-Pack of Pop! Thor, Pop! Mighty Thor, Pop! Valkyrie, and Pop! Gorr is a Walmart exclusive.

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