Lurk around a while! We're cooking up some creepy fun at the Funko headquarters, and Boo Hollow is bubbling over with brand-new excitement. In Boo Hollow, there's a crisp chill in the air, and the leaves turn candy corn colors all year round. Some hauntingly familiar faces, with spirited new looks, have met more Best Forever Friends. We introduced this third wickedly whimsical wave of Boo Hollow Paka Paka figures during Funkoween, and they're ready for an enchanting encore—followed by a peek inside the brains behind this collection, Reis O'Brien, who details his inspiration for these cute creatures from the crypt.

New Spin Sweeping In:

Nina, on her Witchmobile, and Phinneas, on his skateboard, are ready for a howling good time. Take them for a spin and roll with the ghoul kids in town.

Such a Scream! Give a Shout-Out to the Rest of the Team:

They're all lined up and goblin up the fun! Meet Itsy, Blorb, Tanis, Dr. Oops, Vlad, Stitches, Gordy, and Creak.

Enter Boo Hollow with Reis O' Brien, Art Director

What was the inspiration for this round of Boo Hollow figures?

Now that we have a couple of series under our belts for Boo Hollow, I really wanted to focus on introducing more new characters. Boo Hollow is a fairly small, quaint village, but up until now, we've only scratched the surface in regards to seeing some of the characters that live there. In my mind, Boo Hollow and its denizens are pretty well-formed and populated with a host of monsters, creeps, weirdos, and spirits, so it was a blast being able to revisit it in my imagination and choose who would be the next characters to be introduced to the world.

If the Boo Hollow characters could hang out with any of the other Paka Paka creatures, which ones would they hang out with and why?

Oddly enough, I imagine Boo Hollow as a self-contained world, cut off from the influences of other themes that aren't specifically dedicated to celebrating Halloween all year round. So that makes it hard to imagine them interacting with any other Paka Paka lines. But, that having been said, I guess I could certainly see Boo Hollow's resident witch, Nina, really enjoying the company of the Cloud Cats, being such a lover of the feline species herself. Of course, Scratch would love to get a chance to visit other Paka Paka worlds, if only for the opportunity to get a few new signatures on a few more contracts!

What's a typical day like for the residents of Boo Hollow?

Life is pretty simple in Boo Hollow. The residents may seem creepy, but they're all fun-loving, neighborly types. Most are just trying to occupy their time with their various jobs and hobbies, when they're not getting together for a picnic in the cemetery or getting ready for the monthly Ghost Parade down Scream Street.

Nina practices her spells and potions. Dr. Oops always has a new experiment in the works. Raven runs the town library. Vlad works at the local blood bank, naturally. And Ori does the usual rounds from night to night, rattling chains and doing some light general haunting in the various houses around town.

Anything else you want to add about this new wave of Boo Hollow residents? Anything special that we should know before bringing a new Boo Hollow friend home?

In this newest wave, we see a ton of new friends. We meet Tanis, our mummified resident fashionista. There's Itsy, our eight-limbed habitual hugger (she works in web-design). We can't forget Glorp, the living blob of acidic slime, who keeps the streets of Boo Hollow nice and clean because anything that gets in his oozing path ends up getting dissolved.

If you're bringing one (or all!) of them home, then make sure you're a lover of Halloween all year round, because when it comes to the citizens of Boo Hollow, every season is autumn, and the spookiest holiday in the world is always right around the corner.

Creep on Over!

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