We’ve left the Pop! – fright on. Funko horror fans don’t need a special season or time of year to celebrate the things that go “pop” in the night. That’s why we’re always coming up with monstrously fun, creepy-cute additions to add to your collection. And, we’re fans, too! Come meet Funko horror fans and artists, then check out the Pops! in our “spotfright,” including exclusive Pop! The Nun (Moonlit Demonic), and our It selection.

Behind the Screams in Our Pop! Horror Set: Meet Funko Horror Fans and Artists

Horror is an art taken scary seriously here at Funko. Find out what draws the following artists to the horror genre and what they keep in mind when creating Funko horror Pops! 

Jeff Victor, Designer

I love working on horror Pops! because they usually have the biggest variety of faces. You've got monster faces, evil clowns, and demon-type guys. Any time I get to break away and draw a creature with an open mouth filled with sharp teeth, I'm always very happy!  

When designing horror Pops! it's like walking on a tightrope. You don't want to make them too cute, but you also don't want them to be too disgusting and horrific. You have to strike a nice balance of humor and horror, which is really a fun challenge. Usually with horror characters, a nice dark paint wash over the skin gives the character lots of personality and brings out all the details of their rotting skin or decaying teeth. 

Caitlin Duffy, 3D Visual Artist

What makes the horror genre so special is the release that comes from it. I love the way that horror movies build tension throughout a film and how it gets released. It can become cathartic or even trigger negative emotions that make me examine my morals or taste. The first time I noticed this was after watching Hereditary and Midsommar. After watching those movies, I was hooked. Also, when watching Nope, I experienced at least 3 different forms of tension; it made me reflect on how my body seized up for various reasons that were specific to each scene. It’s such a unique experience that I don’t get from other film genres. 

When working on horror for Funko, my experience is a bit more cut and dry! I’m in a production-oriented role, but I love seeing how horror characters get translated to Pop! When working on horror or a license that I’m familiar with, I try to get into the mood. For instance, we recently announced the Saltburn Pops!, which I had the pleasure to be a part of! When I finished the renders, I put on “Murder on the Dancefloor" to celebrate. If you know, you know. 

Douglas Wu, Associate 3D Visualization Artist

Horror definitely creates a feeling that not many other films, games, or books can do—the tension, the anxiety and fear—not many things can make you leave the lights on when you go to bed at night, and in a world where we no longer are Neanderthals fighting bears and tigers, I feel that we don’t have many things that scare us anymore! There’s still plenty in the world to be scared of, but there aren’t many movies I want to watch about taxes and car accidents.

When tackling horror at our studio, it’s like we compact a lot of these movie killers and monsters into much cuter representations of what their usual on-screen persona is. They’re menacing, but cute, kind of like a puppy trying to bite for a toy. One of the key things we usually focus on for the rendering team is making sure we get the eyes exactly right, and that always plays a fun part in keeping that “cute” aesthetic with a blood-soaked monster.

"Spotfright" on Featured Products

We’ve conjured up something special for fans of The Nun. Funko Web-Exclusive Pop! The Nun (Moonlit, Demonic) is ready for a visit. Capture this relic of a jump-scare moment for your collection, and relive your favorite moments of surprise ghostly apparitions and habitual hauntings.

Exclusive Pop! The Nun, Moonlit Demonic, with a White Background

Here’s an idea we’d like to float past you: stock your horror set with plenty of creepy clowns. Why not start with a classic, such as the Pop! Pennywise selection we have from It? Step into the town of Derry and meet Pops! Pennywise Funhouse, Pennywise with Boat, Pennywise with Balloon, and more! This frightfully fun Pop! character is ready to welcome you with open arms.

Pop! Pennywise "Funhouse," with an elongated tongue.
Pop! Pennywise with a paper boat in the palm of his hand.
Pop! Pennywise with a red balloon that says, "I Heart Derry."

Tag, You're It!

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