In a few short weeks, World of Pop! Volume 7 will be available for purchase, capturing an entire year's worth of Pop! characters and representing dozens of fandoms and story lines. In addition to containing a basic marketing image of each Pop!, Funko's exceedingly talented art department collaborated to create stunning, artistic photos inspired by their favorite fandoms and characters.

Every year since 2012, Funko has released an art book and catalog documenting the year's worth of new Pop! figures resulting in World of Pop! Volumes 1-6. With a World of Pop! Volume 7 just around the corner, bringing with it a brief opportunity to buy the previous books as well, it seems like the perfect opportunity to celebrate and share some beautiful Pop! art.

Unfortunately, a single book can only contain so many Pop! images and World of Pop! Volume 7 simply didn't have space for all the photographs captured by the art team, however amazing they might be. Since waiting is hard and many of the photos that didn't make the cut deserve to be seen, we'll be sharing them over the next few weeks. In addition to artistic photographs, each Didn't Make the Cut feature will include some background information from the artist that created the image--their relationship to the fandom and characters, any special techniques they used while capturing the photograph and interesting occurrences while shooting.

Happy looking and reading!

Artist: Kelsey Canaga, Rendering Designer Lead

"Overwatch is my absolute favorite fandom, and I am overjoyed whenever I get to work with anything Overwatch related! I've always been invested in Blizzard games, especially bonding with my dad over World of Warcraft and watching my brother play StarCraft. When Overwatch was released, I immediately gravitated towards it, and I was hooked.

For this photo, I wanted to include multiple Overwatch figures from our newest wave while focusing on a single character. I decided to recreate an iconic image from the hero Sombra's origin video. As a hacker and information specialist, she's standing in front of this expansive web of characters and organizations, and it was the perfect setting for a really epic shot. Our figure also has Sombra reaching out with her arm in her hacking position, so I thought it would be a great fit. I could also include pictures of some of the other characters in the hexagons!

My set-up for photography is always - er - primitive. I think I set up a couple of flashlights with colorful plastic bowls over them to get colored light, held a flashlight in my mouth and went to town. It was quite the experience. I took shots of the Junkers and Mercy, but I knew that Sombra's frenemy Zarya just had to be the object of her focus so I made sure that she was front and center. I decided not to go one to one with the map and got a little artsy with it, and after some Photoshop wizardry I ended up super pleased with the result."