As we kick off the new year we are excited to share some quick thoughts about 2023 and a glimpse of things to look forward to this year. 

A Look Back

Last year was a big year for the Digital Pop! program as we launched 20 drops, including such fan favorites as Funko April Fool’s, DC’s The Dark Knight, Funkoween, Dungeons & Dragons, Stranger Things and Back to the Future. We were also hard at work on rebuilding Droppp, Digital Pop!’s home, from the ground up to lay the foundation for the next evolution of the platform. The first major improvement was the launch of Droppp Marketplace, giving fans the ability to buy and sell their Digital Pop! in an all-in-one platform that focuses on speed and ease of use for collectors of all experience levels.

Looking Ahead

Looking forward to 2024, we are hitting the ground running with new features and improvements to Digital Pop! and the Droppp platform. We’re also super-excited about the drop schedule with new brands as well as bringing back some of the existing names for new series, with some special surprises in store! 

Changes and Features

You can expect to see changes to our pack offerings, starting with the introduction of a 17-item premium pack. This gives our collectors who buy premium packs 2 additional Digital Pop! for the same price as the prior premium pack. Additionally we’re excited about new features and changes that will enhance the collecting experience even further. 

Marketplace Improvements

Since we launched Droppp Marketplace, we’ve considered it a limited preview of what our vision is for a full-fledged marketplace. We’ve been collecting feedback and prioritizing against our core set of features yet to be built, and believe we have a great list that our buyers and sellers will appreciate. One of the first improvements we are prioritizing early this year is the addition of new blockchain networks for depositing and withdrawing funds. 


As we head into our third full year of the Digital Pop!™ program our goal is to better serve you, the fan! We’ve heard you and have been working behind the scenes to improve shipping speed, product damage, packaging materials, the option to add a Pop! Protector, and more so that the only worry you have when receiving your physical Pop! is whether to keep it in the box.

Finally we just want to say a big thank you to our community for being such fantastic fans and supporting us since the beginning. Cheers to a fantastic 2023 and here’s to a fun-filled 2024!