Warning: this post contains spoilers!
Let's embark on a journey through Disney Treasures! The Disney Treasures subscription program is built around a treasure map to a fictional Funko Disney world. Each location on the map is reflected in the box theme for the month. The Pirates Cove box interior map will have an “x marks the spot” over the theme. The next box map will have a dotted line traveling to the next destination! By the end of the year the map will show the complete Disney Treasures journey!

click on the map for a larger view!

To facilitate the journey, the shipping boxes are designed as old fashioned travel chests. With each box theme, a new sticker is added to the top of the box, showing your journey through the Disney Treasures world. After each stop, the previous sticker becomes a permanent design on the box, showing where you've traveled!

The first stop on our journey is Pirates Cove! This land is filled with your favorite Disney swashbucklers! This box includes a Smee Pop!, Wicked Wench Captain with Pirate Ship Dorbz Ride, Jack Sparrow Mystery Mini with collectible Pirates of the Caribbean attraction tin, official Disney Pin Collection Pirate Mickey pin and a Captain Hook patch.
If you sign up for the Pioneer Program (a 6 box subscription starting with Pirates Cove) you'll receive a black and silver Pioneer Pin.
If you sign up for the Adventurer program (3 boxes) you'll receive a black and gold Adventurer pin.
The patches in the Disney Treasures boxes fit together to create a larger design! A center patch will be available to complete the design.

Click on the image for a larger view!

The next stop on the journey is Festival of Friends! The Festival of Friends box features a flying Dumbo with Timothy Pop! The Festival of Friends destination is carnival themed, so make sure you bring a friend. This box theme focuses on best friends and sidekicks from classic Disney animation and Disney Parks. Adventures are always better with a friend!

The closing date for Pirates Cove was extended to April 22nd! If you sign up for the year (6 boxes) before April 22nd, you will join our Pioneer founding membership program. As a founding member, you will receive the Pioneer pin, exclusive members only items through our website as well as an anniversary collectible at the end of the year.

Sign up today for the Disney Treasures subscription! Funko.com/DisneyTreasures