Introducing Droppp Marketplace — your one-stop shop for Funko Digital Pop! Now, you can buy, sell, and collect all in one place!

Droppp creates the ability to fully experience Funko Digital Pop! on one platform — from purchasing and opening packs to managing your collections and redeeming for limited physical Funko Pop! products. And now, with the addition of their marketplace, the digital collecting process is streamlined, end-to-end, making it easier and quicker for anyone to collect Digital Pop!

With the launch of Droppp Marketplace, a fully integrated secondary market, you now have the ability to buy and sell Digital Pop! directly with other collectors and fans. All new features were designed with the Funko fans in mind, including finding and purchasing digital collectibles quickly via the Collection Tracker, a purchase reservation system that prevents others from buying the same item at the same time, a more secure environment that protects users from common scams, and price stability by leveraging USDC stablecoin for payment.

Droppp supports USDC for funding your Droppp Balance and making purchases on the marketplace. USDC is a stable coin that is meant to work like a substitute for a U.S. dollar. To learn more about USDC, check out this step-by-step USDC video tutorial on how to obtain and use USDC on Droppp Marketplace.

Region restrictions apply. Due to current regulations, the following US states are restricted at this time and cannot participate in Droppp Marketplace: Alaska, Hawaii, Minnesota, and New York. These restrictions do not apply to initial pack sales. 

The following countries are fully restricted and cannot participate in Droppp Marketplace: Central African Republic (the), Congo (the Democratic Republic of the), Cuba, Guinea-Bissau, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of), Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan (the), Syrian Arab Republic, Ukraine, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), and Yemen.

What is Funko Digital Pop!?

Funko Digital Pop!™ are digital collectibles (NFTs) in the form of Funko’s Pop! stylization. Similar to traditional trading cards, Digital Pop! brings the thrill of opening packs and landing items of varying rarities — some of which are eligible to redeem for ultra-limited physical Pop! products. Since the inception of Digital Pop! over two years ago, Funko has been releasing and selling out iconic titles and recently won this year’s Licensing International Excellence Award for Best Licensed Product - Apps, Video, Games, and NFTs.

New To Droppp?

Getting started on Droppp is easy! Here’s how you can create an account, learn more about upcoming Funko Digital Pop! drops, and begin participating on Droppp Marketplace!

  • Sign up for an account on and be sure to opt-in for marketing emails. You’ll be notified when a drop launches, new features are released, and so much more!
  • Catch all our latest drops on 
  • To start shopping on the marketplace, you’ll need to verify your identity first. Go to your Wallet page and click on Verify Identity. Confirm your location and be redirected to our third-party identity verification provider, Persona, to complete the verification process. Initiating the verification process takes less than 5 minutes and will require a valid photo I.D. You’ll receive an email notification when your identity has been verified. Region restrictions may apply. 
  • Transfer USDC to your account from your Wallet page. Follow this video tutorial to learn how to obtain USDC to use on Droppp Marketplace.
  • Start shopping on Droppp!

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