We may not have a physical event to bring us together, but in an effort to keep the convention spirit alive we will be bringing you our Star Wars exclusives virtually with Funko's fourth virtual con! Funko Virtual Con Galactic Edition will take place next week!

Exclusives will go on sale on Thursday, August 27th at 11AM PDT on Funko.com and will NOT be available in store at Funko HQ or Funko Hollywood!

Check out our guide to purchasing Funko Shop Exclusives here!

For questions about Funko's virtual convention celebration, please refer to Funko's social channels and #FunkoVirtualCon. More information will be added as updates are available.

Read below for things to know before you shop!

  • On Thursday, August 27th, starting at 11:00AM PDT Funko.com will be taken over by all things Funko Virtual Con; Galactic Edition

  • Beginning at 10:00AM PDT Funko.com will close down in preparation for the Virtual Con Takeover, launching at 11AM PDT.

  • Starting at 11:00AM PDT, Funko.com's Galactic Virtual Con Takeover will begin and you will be able to shop all your favorite Con exclusives, as well as some mainline Star Wars Pops! We will not be running a lottery this year for early access.

  • During the Funko Virtual Con: Galactic Edition Takeover, all exclusives will be limited to 1 of each item per customer.

  • Series exclusives will have either a convention sticker or a shared sticker. There is not a way to guarantee which sticker you will get when you purchase. Shared exclusives will have either the 2020 Star Wars Celebration sticker or the 2020 Galactic Convention Exclusive sticker on the box.

  • Please note there may be additional validation steps during checkout to ensure that you, our true fans, get the Virtual Con items.

  • Please note that you may have to wait in line ​​​​​​​during checkout depending on traffic volumes.

  • The Virtual Con Takeover will end later Thursday. There will be a brief transition period where we close down to return to our standard operations. At that time, all Funko.com items will be available in addition to any items still in stock from our Virtual Con Takeover.

  • Once the Virtual Con Takeover ends, all remaining exclusive items will go back to our standard limit of 2 each per customer.
  • Thank you to everyone who participated in Virtual Con - Galactic Edition today.

Excited about what's coming? We have a guide to shared retailers below. Also Available across a variety of retailers in Australia and New Zealand

Can't wait for the exclusives to go on sale? Check out the Star Wars figures we have available today on Funko Shop! https://www.funko.com/shop-star-wars