The enthusiasm and dedication of our Funatics at Fright Night blew us away. Thank you so much to everyone who attended! We could not have asked for a more energetic, positive, and fun group to join us for Fright Night. Also we loved all of your costumes!

If you'd like to see a recap of Frightmare on Fun Street at New York Comic Con 2022 click through to browse through the photos and videos!

It's scary to think that the year is almost over, but we're glad we got to spend it with you, Funatics, and we wouldn't wish it different.

Hey Funko friends and ghouls! We give you a look at our first ever Fright Night in New York City! Part 1 of 4 take a look if you dare ! #funko #funkofrightnight

Setting the Stage

Hello all you Funko monsters and Funatics. Get ready because the Frighting Fun begins now! Part 2! #Funko #funkofrightnight

Ready to Make Noise

Hello Funatics! Thanks to all your Funko spirit, we finally get to see what Dr. Beckenstein has been cooking up in part 3! #Funko #funkofrightnight

Cranking Up The Energy

The Butcher and His Art

Enter the laboratory of Frightening Funatics... if you dare. Part 4 in a series of 4! #Funko #funkofrightnight

Costume Kudos

Delightful Details

Recap all of the Frightening FUN we at at Fright Night II! #funko #funkofrightnight #frightnight

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