This Record Store Day, we’re encouraging our fans to swing by their local record shop to browse the aisles of timeless musical classics. After you’ve found a gem and dusted off your record player, take a minute to reimagine your space with a slew of new collectibles curated by your own excellent taste in music. Need some inspiration? Drop the needle on your favorite track and read on for a look at some of the music offerings from Funko, Loungefly, Mondo, and Funko Games!


Rock, rap, rhythm & blues… if you created a playlist, which genre would you choose? Whether you prefer singing along to radio hits or dancing to the beat of your own drum, it’s likely that your favorite artists have appeared in Funko Pop! form. Check out some of the current Funko exclusive collectibles, including the limited-edition Pop! Doja Cat that’s only available for pre-order through 4/23/24!

Limited-edition Funko-exclusive flocked Pop! Doja Cat (Festival 2024).
Funko-exclusive Pop! Amy Winehouse in Tank Top
Funko-exclusive glow-in-the-dark Pop! Rob Zombie (Dragula)
Funko-exclusive Pop! Cher (Diamond)


Asking a fan to choose their favorite band member is a lot like asking a parent to pick their favorite child – it just can’t be done. Thankfully, there’s no need to break up the band just yet. With our multi-pack collector sets, every musician gets their time in the spotlight. Peep our lineup of Pop! 4-Pack, 5-Pack, and 7-Pack collectibles of Soundgarden, Queen, The Cure, and BTS.

Pop! Soundgarden 4-Pack with Pop! Chris Cornell, Pop! Kim Thayil, Pop! Ben Shepherd, and Pop! Matt Cameron
Pop! Queen (I Want to Break Free) 4-Pack with Pop! Freddie Mercury, Pop! Brian May, Pop! John Deacon, and Pop! Roger Taylor
Pop! The Cure 5-Pack with Pop! Jason Cooper, Pop! Reeves Gabrels, Pop! Robert Smith, Pop! Simon Gallup, and Pop! Roger O’ Donnell
Pop! BTS (Butter) 7-Pack with Pop! RM, Pop! Jin, Pop! SUGA, Pop! j-hope, Pop! Jimin, Pop! V, and Pop! Jung Kook.


There’s no stronger relationship than the one between a listener and their most cherished album. Commemorate your life’s soundtrack with our elevated Pop! Album collectibles, which feature a Pop! of the artist with their album artwork.

Pop! Albums Cover Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Hot Topic exclusive Pop! Albums Panic! At The Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
Pop! Albums Dolly Parton - Backwoods Barbie
Pop! Albums Tupac Shakur - 2Pacalypse Now

And if you really want to crank up the volume, our Deluxe Pop! Albums are an absolute showstopper! These display cases are designed with vinyl records in mind, giving your collection an encore of awesomeness.

Pop! Albums Deluxe Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
Pop! Albums Deluxe U2 - Pop
Pop! Albums Deluxe Def Leppard - Hysteria


If you’re looking for records you can play and display, we’ll help you find the beat. Taking the film, television, and gaming soundtracks we know and love, Mondo curates a selection of vinyl that can’t be found anywhere else. With exclusive colorways, limited-edition pressings, and alternative cover artwork, these music masterpieces are sure to take center stage in your record collection.

Mondo Exclusive Album with Purple Colorway of Dragon Ball Z - Best Collection
Mondo Exclusive Vinyl Record Collection - Westworld Soundtrack
Mondo Exclusive Vinyl Record Goosebumps - Original Television Soundtrack Deluxe Edition 2XLP


Sound checks and fit checks go hand in hand at Loungefly! With fashionable accessories inspired by top-charting artists, you can create a look that’s ready to rock and roll. Build your festival season wardrobe or rep your favorite songs eight days a week with mini backpacks from Queen, BTS, and The Beatles.

Loungefly Queen Crest Logo Mini Backpack and Zip Around Wallet
Loungefly BLACKPINK All-Over Print Heart Mini Backpack, Zip Around Wallet, and Crossbody Bag
Loungefly The Beatles Revolver Album Cover Mini Backpack with Record Coin Bag


Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Gather your fellow groupies for a night of music-themed gaming to see who will take the spot of number one fan. Whether you’re navigating to your dream concert in L.A. or building a yacht rock empire, these board game offerings from Funko Games are a hit for any after-party.

Disney A Goofy Movie Board Game
Yacht Rock Party Game from Funko Games
Footloose Party Game from Funko Games


That’s a wrap on Record Store Day 2024! Let us know how you’re celebrating by showing off your music collection and tagging @OriginalFunko on social media. And if you’re looking to fine-tune your setup, be sure to check out our full lineup of music collectibles at