Sure, we love our pets every day, but why not use National Love Your Pet Day tomorrow to do something special for them! They’ll love the surprise just as much as you will. We know there’s not much time to pivot and prepare, so we’ll jump into four ways you can celebrate National Love Your Pet Day on the fly!

Make a Custom Pop! Yourself with Your Pet

Stand side by side with your furry friend or slithering sidekick with customized Pop! Yourself collectibles. Create your personalized Pop! and add your pet as a companion to your creation. There are 5 different coat patterns for cats, 15 different types of dogs, a rabbit, and a snake to choose from so far. Immortalize your pet with a miniature figure to pal around with your custom collectible by clicking the button below to start your build.

See some examples below!

Have a Special Treat Together

Go out for a dollop of whipped cream or take a trip to your favorite pet store to pick up a treat to celebrate. If you’re feeling extra adventurous and want to go the extra mile, try out The Cookie Rookie’s peanut butter dog treat recipe. Kitschen Cat also has a recipe for tuna cat treats for those with feline friends. The Bunny Lady website also has a great list of rabbit-safe treats and a couple DIY recipes to try out. 

Get Matching Accessories

Surprise your pet with a Loungefly accessory set to match you and your fandom. There are sets for STAR WARS™ fans, Winnie the Pooh, Marvel’s Loki, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Disney’s Peter Pan, Disney’s Lilo & Stitch, and Disney Dogs. Get a harness and leash or collar to coordinate with your matching Loungefly accessories while out on a walk. Need something to hold treats or disposable bags? Loungefly’s got that covered too. Click through to see the full Loungefly Pet Accessories assortment.

Just look at some of these fandom-forward, fashionable pets!

Donate To Your Favorite Pet Charity or Rescue

For those overflowing with the giving spirit, you can also donate to your favorite animal rescue association or pet charity. Even a small donation will help an animal shelter, rescue association, or charity in their efforts to help save, rehabilitate, and rehome animals in need. 

Show us how you chose to celebrate for National Love Your Pet Day this year by tagging @OriginalFunko with #loveyourpetday. We’re excited to see you and your pets!