Freddy is excited to share photos from his special tour of Funko HQ!

Freddy started his morning off with a Freckled Frappuccino, thanks to our friends at our nearby Starbucks!

Where should we begin!?

First stop is Wetmore Forest! Freddy loves hanging out with Tumblebee, Butterhorn, and the other Pop! Monsters native to Funko HQ!

There's a really cool photo opp in the Gotham area, where you can sit in a Batmobile in an actual Batcave!!

Freddy didn't want to get too close to Godzilla!

The middle of the store is dedicated to Disney, complete with a castle and princesses!

This door is the perfect size for Freddy! What tiny secrets could be hidden inside!?

Marvel items can be found in this NYC-inspired area of the store!

Oops... it seems Freddy may have taken a wrong turn!

Freddy really took a wrong turn this time! Brrr!!

OK- this area feels a little magical!! But... is someone watching Freddy?

Harry, Hermione & Ron to the rescue!

Thank you for going through Freddy's photo journal!

We hope you can all visit Funko HQ soon!!