You know the drill! (Or at least we hope so.) This month we're excited to feature Bryan Roxs as November's featured Funatic. Please welcome Bryan, and let's jump into it!

When and how did you first learn about Funko? Did you start collecting Funko items right away or did it develop over time?

"I first found about Funko back in 2010 while I was shopping a Target store looking for a toy for my son. I walked down the toy aisle and I noticed a Batman Funko Pop!. It was love at first sight! I thought it was so funny looking and I purchased it without hesitation. I told my wife it was for our son but it was really for me! Hahaha"

Would you consider yourself a "collector" before you encountered Funko?

"I collected comic cards and other toys as a kid so I would say YES I was a collector previously in my life. I would credit Funko for reawakening the collector side of me as an adult and I have no regrets!"

When would you say you switched from being a collector to becoming a Funatic? What does Funko Family mean to you?

"I would say that I really became a Funatic back in 2015 when I decided to start taking pictures of my collection which increased by inventory. I was excited to see that Funko continued to expand their licensing and I felt like there was a collectable for every type of tv show, comic, movie or cartoon that I watched currently and as a kid. I'm grateful that Funko has introduced me to so many collectors from all over the world and many have become my close friends. It's as if we are all one, massive family playing on the playground together having absolute FUN without judgement. That's what it means to me to be in the Funko Family."

What was the first Funko piece in your collection?

"My first Funko piece was Pop! Batman back in 2010 next followed by Pop! Tupac. I thought they were so cool that I bought them for other family members as gifts! I'm responsible for spreading the Funko collecting habit with my family and friends!"

What Funko lines and fandom(s) do you collect?

"This is a tough question because I love so many lines! If I had to only select five, I would pick Batman, Dragon Ball Z, The Walking Dead, Horror, and Rick & Morty. There are many more that I collect and my collection grows every month."

Do you have favorite fandom(s) that hold special meaning to you?

"If I could choose one favorite fandom, it would be my Batman Animated Series Funko Pops!. They hold a special meaning to me because that show reminds me of the time I use to watch Batman with my dad after school. We had a special bond with that show and those Funko Pops! remind me of some of the best times during my childhood."

Is there anyone you share your fandom(s) with?

"I'm almost ashamed to answer this question because I never want to part ways with any of my collection. It's so hard! There is only one person who I am willing to share my Pops! with and that is my cousin Ken. I give him bags full when he comes visits for free because of the excitement we share of collecting. I know they are going to a good place so I don't feel as bad to let them go. I do miss them though! HAHA"

Is there a particular Funko art or figure style that you enjoy?

"A few styles I enjoy are glow-in-the-dark, blood splatter, and chrome! I would choose the chrome over all because of how shiny and attractive they are!"

How do you display your collection? In box, out of box, shelves, cases?

"I display my collection in the box, out of the box, and in shelves. I like the way all three styles look and I feel as if it gives the room a more welcoming feel upon walking in. Also, those styles, in my opinion, help my guests to pay attention to every detail Funko puts into their collectables and those can be missed by keeping them all in a box."

Is there anything not made by Funko that you still collect: for example, things like vinyl records or sports memorabilia?

"There is not anything else that I collect at the moment besides Funko. My space and money are limited to only collecting one thing at a time. HAHA!"

What movie/show/game/album/podcast are you currently watching/playing/listening to?

"I'm currently watching Squid Game, a few horror movies (It's an October tradition) and I just finished The Many Saints of Newark. I love the Sopranos and thought the movie was fantastic tribute!"

Do you have any "traditions" that you've incorporated Funko collectibles in to?

"I've incorporated Halloween/Horror Funko Pops! in my October photoshoots and I post them all month long on my social media. I have many people who look forward to seeing my October Funko shots!"

What do you love about Funko?

"I love that Funko has something to offer for everyone no matter what age group they belong to. I've had long conversations with seventy year old people who collect as well as kids under the age of ten. I love that Funko has a way to bring so many people together by having their hands in pretty much every tv show, movie, anime, sport, musician, and so many categories. Also, I love that Funko gives back to their fans and acknowledge those in the community who spend their hard earned money on collecting. We all love Funko and we want the company to thrive forever!"

What's your favorite Funko memory?

"My favorite Funko memory was back in 2018 when I attended the San Diego Comic Con and I got to see the Funko booth in person. The booth was so well ran and the staff was super friendly! Funko had the largest line at the convention and many were excited to get that year's exclusives. Also, I got the opportunity to meet many of my social media friends and collectors from all over the world. We partied all weekend and shared many stories about collecting! It was Funko who brought us all together!"

What motivated you to start photographing your collection and sharing the photos on social media?

"I have always been into photography and invested into a camera to take pictures of weddings and family portraits. I did that for a few years but grew bored because it was not fun for me. One day while sitting on my older brother's couch, I looked at his Funko Pops! that he collected and that's when the idea popped in my head. That idea was to use my camera to take pictures of Funko Pops! in a setting that matched it and make it look like the Funko Pops! were alive! I got strange looks in the beginning but my photography was widely accepted once I began to upload them to social media. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life!"

Can you share a little bit about your thought process going into staging and taking photos of your collectibles?

"I will be happy to explain the thought process behind staging and taking photos! I start with selecting a Funko Pop! from something I am passionate about. I rewatch the movie/cartoon/TV show in which the Funko Pop! was made from until the idea pops in my head on what scene I should recreate. Once I have that idea, I normally head down to a craft store to buy material to help make that scene come to life. That's how the magic is done!"

What advice do you have for other Funatics taking photos of their collection?

"My advice will be to of course take your collectable out the box and to place it in a setting that matches it. Getting down eye level with the subject will help it look more realistic and will help bring it to life. Lighting helps as well! Also, there are many groups on Instagram who host daily events based off of taking pictures of Funko products. I am a member of Quality Funko Photography (QFP) and every day we encourage collectors to have fun by taking pictures of their Funko products. The goal is for everyone to have fun and to spread the love for the Funko community! It brings so many of us collectors together and I meet new people every day!"

If licensing wasn't a limiting factor, what would be a Pop! collection you'd like to see made?

"If I had to pick one, I would love to see Nintendo characters such as Mario and Luigi. I feel as if this the biggest missing link and this is something with will make many of us happy to collect! It will truly be a dream come true if this were to happen one day!"

Bryan, thank you for taking the time to share details about your Funko experience with the larger Funko Family.

For those who are interested in adding to their Funko DC Comics collection and/or Funko Rick & Morty collection as well, click through to check out Funko's current online selection. If you are interested in possibly being a featured Funatic, you can tag @OriginalFunko on Instagram or Twitter along with a picture of you with your collection with #FunaticOfTheMonth.