We're excited to be able to interact more with our Funko Family and to introduce Melissa G. to fellow Funatics. Everyone, please give a warm welcome to August's featured Funatic, Melissa G.

Hello Melissa! Can you tell us when and how you first learned about Funko? Did you start collecting right away or did it develop over time?

"I remember walking into a Hot Topic store once around 2012, and seeing a couple of Funko Pops! that caught my eye. Little did I know that I would be collecting them a couple of years later, haha. This started a chain reaction that grew my love for Funko. I bought here and there but I began to really expand my collection around 2015 and it's been growing ever since!"

Were you a collector before you encountered Funko?

"Of course! I love manga and I have a huge collection of my favorites from Bleach to Fruits Basket."

When would you say you switched from being a collector to becoming a Funatic? What does Funko Family mean to you?

"What made me switch from being a collector to becoming a full blown Funatic was when I saw how much Funko cared about reaching deep into the fandoms they represent. Other collectibles don't go deep into lore and fan favorite moments quite like Funko does. I always found that unique.

I've been to San Diego Comic Con several years in a row and what astounds me the most every time I go is how much the community cares about one another. We're all in it for the chase, and everyone respects and loves the same thing. That, to me, represents the Funko Family and what it stands for at its core.

I've also met so many wonderful people while collecting. Everyone is always loving and passionate when it comes to the community. I'm happy to have made so many friends along the way and be a part of the Funko Family!"

What Funko lines and fandom(s) do you collect?

"I collect EVERYTHING, haha. But if I had to really narrow it down, I primarily collect Animation and Marvel. It all goes back to my love of the fandoms from my childhood."

Do you have favorite fandom(s) that hold special meaning to you?

"Fruits Basket was my favorite manga growing up as a kid and I hold it in a very special place in my heart. I genuinely love manga and anime and they all mean so much to me. Aside from manga I am also a true Marvel fan. Loki is one of my favorites, and so is Guardians of the Galaxy!"

Is there anyone you share your fandom(s) with?

"My boyfriend has been a massive comic book fan since childhood. He and I both share a passionate love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Going to the movies to watch a Marvel film is like a treasured event for us. We always look forward to the new movie releases."

What was the first Funko piece in your collection?

"The first ever Funko piece in my collection has to be the one my boyfriend bought for me. Since I really enjoyed Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™, he bought me that year's BB-8. It's one of the Funko Pops! I treasure to this day."

Is there a particular Funko art or figure style that you enjoy?

"Glow in the dark is my favorite figure style by far. I love how the glow highlights specific details about the pop. No other figure style can compare to how awesome glow in the dark looks. As an added bonus, you get to enjoy the figures in the pitch black."

How do you display your collection? In box, out of box, shelves, cases?

"I typically display my collection in box, but I make exceptions for pieces that truly deserve to shine outside the box."

Is there anything not made by Funko that you collect: for example, things like vinyl records or sports memorabilia?

"Hot Toys 1/6th scale figures. I love the realism and the amount of work that goes into making them. I have about 20 of them in my collection with more on the way!"

What movie/show/game/album/podcast are you currently watching/playing/listening to?

"I'm currently watching Loki and I've been listening to a lot of K-Pop! I'm also on my 5th playthrough of Red Dead Redemption."

What do you love about Funko?

"I love everything about Funko, but most importantly I love the joy that Funko brings to so many people. There's something for everyone and that's what's amazing! Also, being able to make so many connections with so many fellow Funko Funatics has been something I cherish deeply."

What's your favorite Funko memory?

"My favorite Funko memory by far has to be when I won the #FunkoPhotoADay challenge for the Shoefie! Because of it I was able to win my first ever proto, Dumbo! It also helped me and inspired me to really enjoy taking photographs of my Funko Pops!.

Another amazing memory was when I was lucky enough to go to the Funko Hollywood Grand Opening. I remember waiting in line and seeing everyone's eyes filled with anticipation and excitement. That made me even more excited to go in, and when it was our turn everything was so magical. Every room had something unique about it that caught your eye."

What motivated you to start photographing your collection and sharing the photos on social media?

"I always looked forward to and loved joining the Funko Photo A Day challenges! My favorite part was seeing how creative and how much fun everyone had while posting their pictures for the challenges. It always inspired and motivated me to join the challenges and have some fun of my own."

Can you share a little bit about your thought process going into staging and taking photos of your collectibles?

"Due to my makeup background I've always had a keen eye on how to balance things out properly. I apply the same philosophy to the photos I take. I want to accentuate the beauty of the Pop! but without making things too busy."

What advice do you have for other Funatics taking photos of their collection?

"I wouldn't call myself a pro, but I'd say good lighting and angles are always important! Take as many shots as possible until you find one that you absolutely love. Most importantly, it's all about having fun!"

If licensing wasn't a limiting factor, what would be a Pop! collection you'd like to see made?

"Samurai Champloo!!! Red Dead Redemption!!! Ed, Edd, n Eddy!!! MCU Quicksilver from Age of Ultron!!! Totally Spies!!! More K-pop stars!!! Nintendo!!!"

Melissa, thank you for taking the time to share details about your Funko experience with the larger Funko Family.

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