We're excited to be able to interact more with our Funko Family and to introduce Laurinda to fellow Funatics. Everyone, please give a warm welcome to October's featured Funatic, Laurinda.

When and how did you first learn about Funko? Did you start collecting right away or did it develop over time?

"I first learned about Funko in 2017 when my partner, Will, and I began our Spider-Gwen and Carnage collections. Shortly after, the remake of IT was to be released and so were the Chapter One pops. I ended up dedicating our entire stairwell to the Pennywise collection, and our fates were sealed as collectors."

Were you a collector before you encountered Funko?

"I like to describe myself as a collector without a collection. As a kid, I had a nicely established Breyer Horse collection, and as an adult, I started several small collections: local art from places I traveled, glass pumpkins, magnets, shot glasses, coffee mugs; but nothing that I acquired a true passion for, until Funko."

When would you say you switched from being a collector to becoming a Funatic? What does Funko Family mean to you?

"I know the PRECISE moment I switched to becoming a Funatic. Will and I visited Funko HQ for the first time in December of 2017, and it was magical. HQ wasn't just a store, it was an experience. Driving through Seattle on the way home, Will and I discussed me starting an Instagram account; I HAD to find other people who were into this as well. I came home, started the account, and found my tribe. The Funko Family is the most inclusive, positive, supportive, creative group of people I have ever met; they embraced me with my newfound love of Funko and have been my family ever since."

What Funko lines and fandom(s) do you collect?

"Okay, here we go! We have had almost zero self-control when it comes to collecting, so our fandoms are vast. The three largest, by far, are Harry Potter, Disney, and Marvel. Followed by: Pennywise, Wetmore Forest, Rick and Morty, and The Office (complete collections). Then to satisfy my love for the mysterious and mythical: Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Dark Crystal. We also collect any TV and movie figures that have any nostalgic meaning, or that we just love: Looney Tunes, 90's Nickelodeon, Tim Burton movies, The Simpsons, Hamilton…. This could go on all day!"

Do you have favorite fandom(s) that hold special meaning to you?

"THEY ALL DO! I think that's why collecting Funko is so fun and amazing. Each figure connects us to our favorite movies/ books/ shows/ people. If I don't get the warm and fuzzies for a figure, then I just don't get it!"

Is there anyone you share your fandom(s) with?

"Yes, yes, and yes. My partner in Funko crime, Will! Our journey collecting Funko has grown in perfect tandem with our relationship. We've also allowed each of our collections to evolve and take up their own sections of the house, so now every day is like waking up in our personalized HQ. This would certainly not be nearly as enjoyable without him!"

What was the first Funko piece in your collection?

"My first Funko piece was Spider- Gwen. She started it all. She was also the reason I became aware of exclusives and variants, and the desire to hunt them all down."

Is there a particular Funko art or figure style that you enjoy?

"Oh I loved the Rock Candy figures and am so sad they're not still around. My Marvel women Rock Candy collection is one of my favorites. I love the details, the realism, and the expression of the eyes that you just can't quite get with the Pops!. That being said, I fell in love with the Soda line for many of the same reasons I loved the Rock Candy figures, so I am thrilled that Funko created both."

How do you display your collection? In box, out of box, shelves, cases?

"Definitely out of box, and yes, dusting is a nightmare. We do keep all the boxes and have found a system that works well for them and is easy to store. Our display shelves have evolved over time, especially with how many figures we display. Most of my upstairs collection is in bookcases, while the downstairs consists of store-bought shelves, shelves Will and I have made, along with shelves Will has designed and 3D printed."

Is there anything not made by Funko that you collect?

"I do, and it is very much still fandom related. I love collecting fandom art from cons and galleries like WonderGround, when we hit the parks. That's also partly why our Funko display took over the entire apartment, we wanted to display the Pops! with the art they were affiliated with! I do have to add to this, that I adore collecting Loungefly and Stitch Shoppe for the very reason that they create pieces of wearable art."

What movie/show/game/album/podcast are you currently watching/playing/listening to?

"Most certainly watching Doom Patrol because season 3 is FINALLY releasing! I always play sudoku to fall asleep, listen to Dateline or Conan Needs a Friend on podcast, and right now, I am listening to all the artists on the Halsey Pandora station when I need the jamz."

What do you love about Funko?

  1. I love collecting something that covers so many different fandoms but has the same aesthetic.
  2. Funko Family is THE BEST family.
  3. The adventures Will and I go on to collect these figures are epic. I have spent so much more time in Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, and Olympia than I ever have.
  4. Mike, Brian, and everyone who works at Funko.

What's your favorite Funko memory?

"Collecting Funko has its ups and its downs. Within the first year we started collecting, Will and I went to Emerald City Comic Con, and it was our first experience trying to get con exclusives. We had no internet in the building, so we missed all the online drops. We didn't get the lottery, so we didn't hardly get any of the exclusives at the con. I was SO DISHEARTENED. I wanted that dang bigfoot! So, the last day we were at the con we left with plenty of time to stop at HQ before heading home. Will and I walked in and there were about four HQ exclusive bigfoots sitting there on the table. I tell you, the angels started singing when I saw them! It is still my favorite memory because 1) that was such a high after feeling very disappointed 2) ECCC was a fantastic experience, and it is a great reminder of our first Seattle con 3) It is also a great reminder to not take collecting so serious. Part of the fun is not knowing when you are going to find something unexpectedly, so just relax and enjoy the ride!"

What motivated you to start photographing your collection and sharing the photos on social media?

"To meet fellow collectors! I noticed that a bunch of folks submitted their photos to a nightly photo challenge at Top Funko Photos on Instagram. Everyone was so nice in their feedback and support, let alone their Funko photography skills were EPIC. This space has helped push me from taking pictures in front of simple backgrounds, to layering photos and creating backgrounds in Photoshop, to now digitally painting every pop and background."

Can you share a little bit about your thought process going into staging and taking photos of your collectibles?

"The progression to painting everything came because I wanted more control in putting a figure in the world from which it came. If I take a picture of Harry on his broomstick, then I want Harry in the quidditch field! Even though it takes me about 100 hours to finish a background and 20 hours to finish a figure, this process has lit my imagination on fire! It has also allowed me to do incredible things, like put Funko figures into Goosebumps covers!"

What advice do you have for other Funatics taking photos of their collection?

"Never be afraid to share! If you love it, then share it, because chances are other collectors will love it too. We connect through our collections, not having a perfectly curated IG account."

If licensing wasn't a limiting factor, what would be a Pop! collection you'd like to see made?

"Okay, I have been dying to answer this question and I want to express how truly fulfilled my collector's soul would be if any one of these would come true:

  1. Pop! Movies: The Neverending Story
  2. Pop! Games: Banjo-Kazooie
  3. Pop! Music: Coheed and Cambria
  4. Pop! Movies: The Witches (1990)
  5. Pop! Disney: The Muppet Christmas Carol

Did you get all that Funko?"

Laurinda, thank you for taking the time to share details about your Funko experience with the larger Funko Family.

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