In our ongoing effort to acknowledge and thank our Funko Family for their support, we bring you a new Funatic of the Month. Please give a warm welcome to Rahnon!

When and how did you first learn about Funko? Did you start collecting right away or did it develop over time?

"FUNKO came into my life on December 26, 2010. A day that would change my life FOREVER!!! Little did I know, that buying a Pop! from Amazon would turn into a 10 Year Journey of Fun and Friendship.

For me, Slow and Steady WINS the race. In the beginning I would buy everything I thought was cute. Which was like EVERYTHING!!! More recently I have decided to FOCUS on Wonder Woman, Ad Icons, Pop! Rocks, Freddy Funko, Disney Villains, Movies, Pop! Holidays, and Scott Pilgrim.

Is there anyone you share your fandom with? What got you into collecting?

"My NON Funko friends are Record Collectors and Sneakerheads. I am the ONLY FUNKO Collector in my immediate circle. BUT I have turned a friend or three into mini Pop! collectors. I buy them as GIFTS! And WE all know, once you get one, you NEED two. And two turns into 20! LOL

I am a collector by nature... I also collect records, Nike Air Rifts, L.A.M.B. Handbags, Black Santas, and stationary. I just like NICE things.

What Funko lines and fandom(s) do you collect? Outside of Funko products is there anything else you collect?

"I LOVE everything FUNKO makes... BUT my ABSOLUTE Favorite Funko lines are Pop!, Vynl. and BLOX!!! I really miss BLOX. Still HOPING for a Blox Freddy Funko. ;-)

I also have a small KAWS collection. And I'm hoping to SCORE a Hebru Brantley Lil Mama and a Rello / KingRello piece one day. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

Do you have favorite fandoms that hold special meaning to you?

"I grew up watching Wonder Woman SO the Wonder Woman Pop! will ALWAYS be my MOST Favorite! Plus that is the Pop! that started this incredible Journey.

Also Princess Tiana. The Cultural Significance of Princess Tiana was Powerful. I remember when she was announced. I was SO EXCITED!!! Proud to have Princess Tiana in Pop! form. Would love her in Vynl. form, honestly. And I LOVE Loungefly's Princess Tiana products. I am here for ALL of it

What was the first Funko piece in your collection?

"Wonder Woman #8"

How do you display your collection? In box, out of box, shelves?

"I'm an in BOX and OUT of BOX kinda girl!!! I personally feel Pop! are meant to be held... photographed... and ENJOYED! AND then put SAFELY BACK in their boxes! LOL

I usually just get two if I know I'm going to aggressively handle a specific piece. That way, if its damaged or lost, I'm not having a FUNKO MELTDOWN!

How many pieces do you have in your collection?

"Clutching my invisible pearls...a Lady NEVER tells ;-) BUT honestly I stopped counting after I passed 1K. Plus so many people focus on the number... ONLY thing I'm counting, is how much FUN I'm having!"

What do you love about Funko?

"The PEOPLE!!! All I did was buy a $10 toy! And what I got... an EXTREMELY large group of KIND, GENEROUS and LOVING Humans that I probably would have never met in real life. I LOVE my Collection... BUT the Memories and Friendships I have will last FOREVER! and that's Priceless!!"

Why are you a Funatic? What does Funko Family mean to you?

"It took me a LONG time to call myself a FUNATIC! Its a term I do not use lightly. I have RESPECT for Funko, the Community AND for people in general. That mixed with a strong desire to always have FUN and PLAY makes me a Funatic.

I really believe in LEGACY. A carrying of the torch if you will... so the Knowledge and Kindness that was SHARED with me paved my way. I LOVE and RESPECT the FUNKO Community very much! and will do EVERYTHING I CAN to make sure its FUN and Fair.

What's the saying? 'Friends are the Family you choose.'

Well, Funko Family took me under their wing and showed me LOVE, Respect, Kindness and I PROMISE to pass it on!

What movie/show/video game/album/podcast are you currently watching/playing/listening to that you'd recommend fellow Funatics try?

"Music is LIFE so...
Twitch - DJ Ayres - Homeschool (Monday - Friday) 12pm - 2pm EST
Twitch - Cosmo Baker Monday (The Remedy) and Friday (Virtual Disco) 7pm - 9pm

SAULT / is PHENOMENAL!!! Im still trying to get MORE details myself. I asked my secret Santa for the CDs (which are like impossible to find) so we shall see ;-)

Watchmen - HBO
Lovercraft Country - HBO
Lovecraft Country - HBO Official PODCAST was LIFE changing! SO honest and Powerful. A MUST LISTEN!!!

I also STILL watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sons of Anarchy like they just started!!! cause... EVERYTHING!!!"

What's your favorite Funko memory?

"Favorite FUNKO memory... YIKES! I have SO MANY!!! Having Ron convince me to go to FDO was when I realized collecting was about MORE THAN toys! Truly a GAME CHANGER for me!

FDO, where I met MOST of my CORE FUNKO Family for the first time. ALL THE FEELZ!!!

Going to OLD HQ for a tour... and being a complete SPAZZ in front of Brian! (I can't with me!)

Having Dan invite me to the Making Fun Movie Premiere in Hollywood and having 2 pictures of me with my BELOVED Funko Family in the end credits. ( I still do not know WHO to thank for that? THANK YOU!!)

Working FDO8 with Jared / Lara and my Favorite Crew.

I SERIOUSLY have so many Funtastic memories... this entire Journey is a BLAST!"

What motivated you to start photographing your collection and sharing the photos on Instagram?

"Zero motivation required. LOL. I'm a communicator. Be it with words, dance, pictures, I'm here for ALL of it!

But I did start my instagram account because my NON FUNKO friends were annoyed by the amount of FUNKO pictures I would SHARE on Facebook! and SO HAPPY for that PUSH! Because that's HOW I got here!"

What advice do you have for other Funatics taking photos of their collection?

"Just have FUN!
Be creative.
Think outside the box.
Do NOT compare your photos to others.
Find your eye and NEVER give up.
Play with the EDIT features on your phone or camera... I don't really have time for all that. BUT I love accounts that get all fancy and professional with it.

There really are NO RULES! You are your own boss... so spread your wings and have FUN!"

If licensing wasn't a limiting factor, what would be a Pop! collection you'd like to see made?


WE NEED to complete the original Wizard of OZ Pop! set with the Wicked Witch of the East and the Winkie Guard. Then we NEED to finish off the Vynl. Wizard of Oz Set with the Wicked Witch of the WEST, Glinda, Flying monkey and the Winkie Guard.

Then we NEED to revamp the ENTIRE SET (like you are doing with RUN DMC) and ADD the Munchkins and I think a Pop! TOWN of Emerald City would be SPECTACULAR!


Candyman covered in bees

Barbarella would be INCREDIBLE!
The SKUNK outfit is a MUST!

The Supremes
Barbra Streisand

Rose The Hat (Doctor Sleep)

Malcolm X
Martin Luther King
Billie Holiday
The Boondocks - Huey Freeman

Baby New Year

10-inch Boo Berry ;-)

Frosty the Snowman

Freddy Funko Santa
Freddy Funko Mayor

10-inch Wonder Woman

Freddy Funko
Santa Claus

Mini / Medium size FUNKO signs for displays

...thinking these are ALL a great start ;-)"

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the Funko Family?

"December 26, 2020 is my 10 Year FUNKO Anniversary. WOOHOO!!! I can not wait to see where we are next year and in 10 more years. Becker, Brian and the ENTIRE FUNKO Team, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING you do! Collecting has helped me get through some incredibly difficult times. I HOPE you really understand how grateful I am to have this FUN and SAFE space in my life.

To all my Funko Family and FUNKO friends, THANK YOU for all the Love and Support. xoxo

Forever a Funatic."

Thank you again Rahnon, for taking the time to share details about your Funko experience and collection with the Funko Family.

For those who are interested in adding to their Funko Wonder Woman and Pop! Rocks collections click through to check out Funko Shop's selection. If you are interested in possibly being a featured Funatic, you can tag @OriginalFunko on Instagram or Twitter along with a picture of you with your collection with #FunaticOfTheMonth.