Aaron Marts

Marysville, WA

What Funko lines do you collect? How many pieces are in your collection?

I collect Deadpool, Bob Ross, It, Stranger Things, Crash, Hellboy, Krampus, and Looney Tunes. I have 74 pieces in my collection, but it is growing each day!

How long have you been a collector?

I have been a collector for over 6 months.

What are your favorite fandoms?

Deadpool and Stranger Things.

What was your first Funko item?

My first Pop! was a Deadpool.

What is your favorite Funko piece in your collection?

My favorite piece is my chase Pennywise Pop! I got it at Funko HQ on Black Friday and it was the only one in the store!

Tell us your favorite Funko story!

My wife was the one who was the collector at first. One day she bought me a Deadpool Pop! and I thought it was the coolest little figure, and I had to complete the set. When Funko HQ was opening, my wife was so excited that we stood outside all night and we got all of the exclusives. I was so excited to see the Deadpool area in the Marvel room! My most priced Pop! is my Pennywise Chase that I was lucky enough to find on Black Friday at Funko HQ. It was hidden in the back of a stack and it was the only one there. Later, I found out that this one was discontinued so I felt so lucky to have it and say I found it in the wild!

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