Alberto and Cristina
Barcelona, Spain

When and how did you first discover Funko?
At Christmas 2017 we watched and enjoyed the movie La La Land. We fell in love with the characters Mia and Sebastian, which we saw in an afternoon of shopping in Zaragoza in a double Pop! pack that we could not resist buying it. It was an anniversary gift, our first Funko Pop! and from here our hobby took off. We call it our "Popsession.” Since that day we have been passionate about them and we began to collect them.

Why are you a Funko fan?
We like everything about Funko products—that they are collectible, fun, that they are protected in boxes, their size, that there is a lot of variety, that they adorn, that they cheer and that they represent and remind you of stages of your life.

What is your favorite Funko product?
It's increasingly difficult to choose one, because our collection is expanding ... but our favorites are: Marty McFly with the skateboard and a flocked Sully from Monsters, Inc. but everyone has something special.

How do you exhibit your collection?
We like to keep Funko Pop! figures in their individual boxes, although every week we select six different figures that we have exposed in the room and we show them outside the box. We collect by categories and have them sorted by themes both in shelves and in display cases. Outside the box we display some exclusive piece or Movie Moments such as the magic carpet ride with Jasmine and Aladdin, the spaceship of Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars, Woody with RC from Toy Story, etc.

What series are you currently watching?
We are currently watching The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. We love the staging of the puppets and the work involved. It is a fascinating adventure that we already enjoyed with the 1982 film and this is also one of the sets we have decided to have complete.

What motivated you to start photographing your collection and share the photos on Instagram?
We have always liked photography and graphic design and we saw that many people on Instagram made photographs of the Funko Pops! but few used digital art.

What advice do you have for other Fans photographing their collection?
We believe that one of the most important things when creating an image is to be original. Do not keep the first thing that comes to mind, because normally the first thing you think other people will have thought. Do not stay with your first idea, stay with the fourth!

What is it like to collect as a couple?
It is an exciting world. We enjoy, have fun, we can surprise each other with unexpected gifts, we know what we like most and would like to have and each casually likes to collect different characters. We collect the characters that we like the most in pairs although not everything is good, because sometimes we fight to see to whom of the two the Funko Pop belongs!

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