Marlene Ceja

Norwalk, CA

What Funko lines do you collect? How many pieces are in your collection?

Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Movies, Television, and Animation. I have 60 Pop!s in total so far. More on the way!

How long have you been a collector?

One month

What are your favorite fandoms?

Marvel and Disney

What was your first Funko item?

#542 Pennywise with spider legs

What is your favorite Funko piece in your collection?

#199 Gamora

Tell us your favorite Funko story!

I was going through a tough time. I had just recently discovered I suffer through OCD and Anxiety disorder and it is something that I really have a hard time with. It almost feels like it takes away who I am and makes me forget all the things that make me who I am. But I had a friend who collected Pop! figures, he happened to have the Pennywise in gutter Movie Moments Pop! and I instantly was attached to it. Stephen King's It has always been one of my favorite horror movies as a kid because my dad and I were horror movie nerds when I was growing up and he introduced me to the movie. So when the remake came out, it was all the more exciting for me. So I went everywhere looking for that specific Pop! And for the first time ever I almost forgot completely about my problems and just had fun looking for this Pop! I was able to get my hands on it but ever since, I can not shake wanting to find all my favorite characters from all my favorite movies and shows. It almost makes me feel like I'm me again, nerding out on everything that I love. I can honestly say that Funko Pop!s really have changed my life in a good way.

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