Pedro Tomás
Bristol, UK

When did you first learn about Funko?
My first encounter with Funko was back in 2015 at Camden Market in London where I bought my first Funko Pops! but only got to really know the company after watching Making Fun on Netflix and I've felt huge admiration and respect for Funko ever since.

What was your first Funko piece in your collection?
That was the Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione 3pack Pop. I remember loving the design. How different they looked from the typical collectable figure, simple and yet detailed they looked at the same time.

Why are you a Funatic?
Because it's fun! The fan base Funko has built over the years is electrifying and contagious, it just pulled me in and it's been amazing and joyful! I love meeting other Funatics because I know we'll get along because we share love for Funko. It made me join groups like Funko Fiends and the new The United Funko Family. Being a Funatic became my lifestyle to the point of wearing a Funko Tee to work on a daily basis. I have never had this much passion, energy and love for a company and their products in my entire life and I wanted to be a part of it.

What are your favorite fandoms and why?
Sesame Street
, Spider-Man, Harry Potter and Disney. I grew up with these fandoms and they've defined me into who I am today

Is there anyone you share your fandom with?
I share Disney and Harry Potter with my girlfriend Katie, she had never read the HP books so I got the 7 book set for her and we've been reading together, going through The Order of the Phoenix at the moment. We combined our own Disney Funko Pops! sets and it's growing by the day, I might have been an influence haha

Why do you love pop culture?
One word: self-expression. Pop Culture allows us to connect, and grow with each other, it allows us to share our personality and feelings about the stuff we love and it's so diverse!

How do you display your collection?
Mostly in box at the moment but there are pieces that weren't made to be confined in the packaging per example Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs Potts and Chip from The Beauty and The Beast, the holidays themed Funko Pops!, and Chilly Willy with the pancakes just looks adorable in the kitchen. And the gamers Funko Pops! like Korg, Mickey, Groot etc I want to put them all together in front of a miniature television, it would make a nice little set

What movie/show/podcast/videogame/album are you currently watching/listening to/playing?
Podcasts I only listen two, Funko Funkast and a UK based podcast called Skip To The End which was recommended to me by Sully, it's a shame it ended! Me and Katie we've been playing Lego Harry Potter, Overcooked 2 and Heave Ho, we love silly fun local multiplayer co-op games. We also finished watching The Witcher on Netflix and now re-watching White Collar, my all time favourite TV series.

What's your favorite Funko memory?
Gotta be NYCC'19. Being at the Live Funkast, hunting Funko Pops!, meeting Funatics, Funko Youtubers and the Funkast in person and getting them to sign my Freddy Funklub Official member card. It made the Con for me, and I'm grateful I share that memory with Katie.

What motivated you to start photographing your collection and sharing the photos?
Funko Pops! were made to be photographed, there's something in those little figures that brings out our inner photographers! I first started to share photos of my collection on my personal Instagram account but I have so many I decided to make another account specifically for all things Funko. Then I decided to make videos showing my Pops!, which lead me to starting a Youtube channel called "Pop Story!" which Katie is now a part of as co-host. But lately I've been thinking about doing actual Funko Photography, I've seen so many people doing it and the pictures that are shared are just beautiful and creative! I love how Funko incentivizes Funatics to take these photos by doing the Photo-a-Day challenges. So I've invested in some photography lights and I'm looking up cameras.

What advice do you have for other Funatics taking photos of their collection?
First of all, have fun doing it! Then you need a good editing software. Light is the most important thing when taking photos in a studio. Learn your equipment, watch some tutorials on YouTube for new skills to improve yourself. Look around instagram for inspiration and then do your thing.

What Funko lines and fandoms do you collect?
Mostly I collect Funko Pops! and in addition I have 1 Pop! Keychain 2-pack, 1 Dorbz, The Freddy Funko Show with Freddy & Huckleberry Hound, the Freddy Funko Plush and then several Funko Tees and Funko HQ vinyl figures. Favourite fandoms I love to collect are Spider-Man all the versions from different universes and the classic villains, I'm really excited for the new Marvel80 The Vulture and First Appearance Spider-Man. Disney I love to collect the Princesses and Heroes and their respective Villains. I love to collect my favourite Rock stars. Harry Potter must be my biggest set yet. Love my little Sesame Street Funko Pops and my Freddy Funko's and the two Fantastik Plastik I have, Bat Boy and TJ. One thing i love to do is collect characters from a specific actor like my Keanu Reeves set: Ted, Neo, John Wick and Duke Caboom.

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