Perline Daniel
Metz, France

When did you first become a Funko fan? What drew you to Funko products?
I always wanted to collect figures. But I didn't know where to start and where to buy them! One day, at my local geek store, I've noticed the pink and white Hot Topic exclusive Harley Quinn Pop! She was so cute! The week after, I bought my first Funko Pop! It was in July 2015.

What was the first Funko piece in your collection?
It was Sven, from Frozen. Such an adorable Pop!

When did you first start photographing your collection and sharing the photos on Instagram? What was your motivation?
My first post was in July 2018. One day at work, I was looking at a very famous Pop! account on Instagram. I was amazed by her pictures! This account really inspired me and I was thinking "Why not?" so I decided that I would take pictures of my Pops! too! Since I've always loved photography; I just couldn't wait to start creating and taking pictures.

How do you choose which characters to photograph and how do you set about choosing a concept, location, props, etc.?
I mostly choose Disney Pops!, because they inspired me the most. I really love to recreate famous scenes from Disney movies. I always try to choose the right place inside my house or outside to create the most iconic scene possible. I love to mix flowers, pearls, shells, candies and Pops! They are a great match!

Do you have any tips to share with Funko fans who like to photograph their collection?
Take your time while taking pictures! A good picture needs time and reflection. Upload the pictures you like the most, don't force yourself to post something that doesn't please you. And just be yourself! Your community will love you the way you are.

What are your favorite fandoms and characters, and why?
Disney (especially Toy Story, The Little Mermaid and Lilo and Stitch), The Lord of the Rings and Fantastic Beasts Pops! I'm a hug fan of Disney in general and LOTR is my favorite saga ever. As far as the Fantastic Beasts Pops! are concerned, I just love how detailed they are. They are so beautiful, especially the Occamy and Zouwu.

My favorite Funko Pops! are Rex from Toy Story (he is so adorable), Occamy, Fawkes, Hedwig and Stitch seated. They have a special place in my heart! They are my absolute favorite characters.

What does being a fan mean to you?
Being a fan is a positive state of mind. It's bringing joy and fun from collecting in our everyday life. It's listening to famous soundtracks, rewatching the movies we love, going to ComicCons, reading comics, being a part of the universe you love. And to be proud of it.

Do you have any special Funko memories?
I recently decided to take Pops! with me while traveling. And I love traveling! I decided to always bring Rex with me. He has already been to Disneyland Paris, to London and by the sea. He can't wait to go to Japan! I really love to take pictures of my Pops! in famous places. This is a perfect way to create unique memories!

Also, recently I've had the terror of my life: my SDCC Quasimodo fell of my balcony—a 10-meter fall. I was so scared that he'd broke! But luckily enough, no harm was done. He is a survivor!

Is there a movie, television show, video game, podcast or music album you're currently watching/playing or listening to?
I'm currently rewatching all Harry Potter's saga, season 2 of Money Heist and the final season of Game of Thrones. I love to listen to the Swingrowers in this moment, a really nice electroswing band!

How do you display or store your collection at home? Are you an in the box or out of the box collector?
I usually display my Pops! out of the box. I only keep in boxes my grail Pops!, as well as my flocked and my Diamonds collection ones.

Is there anything you'd like to add?
I want to mention that I own 800+ Funko Pops! and I love to collect them with my brother! He loves to collect DBZ, Horror and Batman Pops!