Wing Fung Tse
Honolulu, Hawaii

When did you first become a Funko fan?
I think I started my collection in 2010. I was always a Batman fan. My very first Funko was the DC hero Batman. I also brought the Batman with the yellow symbol.

What was it about Funko products that appealed to you?
Funko Pops! were always my favorite. Their big circle eyes just caught my eye. It's like asking me to take them home.

What prompted you to start photographing your Funko collection and sharing these photographs on Instagram?
I saw other people took Funko photos on Instagram, and they looked fun and amazing. Then I told myself, “maybe I can take some photos like them too.” That's how I started my Funko photographer life.

What are some of your favorite fandoms, and why?
I love DC heroes Batman and Nightwing. I grew up with the Batman animated series in Hong Kong. They are normal people but they fight crime with all their high-tech gadgets. That's why I was so happy when Funko create the Batman Animated series Funko Pops!

The ocean/the beach seem to factor into a lot of your photos; is the ocean important to you?
Yes. The ocean is beautiful and very relaxing yet unpredictable as well. I love taking the photos with the waves. They are beautiful and never can catch the same shot.

Do you have any tips or advice for people who are interested in photographing their collection?
Never stop trying. I always try new apps for new special effects. When I see other photographers' amazing special effects, I always try to find my way to do it as well. Try a different angle; you will be surprised how different it is with a different angle. Always post the photo you like the most because if you don't like it yourself, how could others like it? Use your imagination and have fun. You can put all your favorite characters in a photo you like.

Do you think that your location has anything to do with the characters you love best and how you photograph them?
Yes. I live in Hawaii. Ocean and beaches are the best locations so I choose a lot of ocean-related characters like Aquaman, Moana and Lilo and Stitch. I also have some Hawaii-related characters as well.

What does being a fan mean to you?
Being a fan means a lot to me. It is part of my lifestyle. Every week, I pick about five to 10 Funko in my backpack, looking for a nice location to take a photo with my dream idea. I guess pop culture also means lifestyle to many people, what everyone grew up with like Star Wars, Spider-Man, X-men, Batman. It is part of who they are.

What are your other hobbies and interests?
I love swimming, hiking and paddle boarding. I also love watching superhero movies.

Are there any movies/television shows/podcasts/books/albums you're watching or listening to right now?
I love Star Wars, Batman, Marvel movies. iZombie right now is my favorite show. I'm also a huge anime fan I guess because I grew up in Hong Kong and they had a lot of Japanese anime shows, like Dragonball, Naruto, Bleach, Ultraman and one of my favorite shows called Saint Seiya. I am a huge fan of the show! It is not so popular in the U.S. Right now my favorite manga is One Piece. I can't wait to get the Monkey D. Luffy with his attack mode Funko Pop!

What are some of the biggest challenges you face when taking your pictures? What's your favorite thing about your photography?
I use iPhone for taking photos so my biggest challenge is night time photos because the iPhone is not good for it. My favorite thing about my photography, I guess would be making the Funko character alive in the photo.

Do you have a dream character you'd like to shoot or a dream location you'd like to shoot?
I have too many dream characters and locations I want to shoot. One of my dream characters is Indiana Jones. I definitely will go to Thailand, find those ancient temples and take shots with it. Another location will be Funko headquarters. I always wanted to take photo in there with Antman.

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